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Vanity Fair Impressions Dinner Napkin, 960 Count

UPC 881184318088
REGISTERED: 07/08/18
UPDATED: 09/29/20
Vanity Fair Impressions Dinner Napkin, 960 Count

Vanity Fair Impressions Dinner Napkin, 960 Count

  • Vanity Fair Impressions Dinner Napkin, 960 Count available on November 19 2016 from Amazon for 40.85
  • UPC bar code 881184318088 ξ1 registered October 03 2014
  • Product category is Home
  • Manufacturered by Dixie
  • iSM-1010

  • Product color is White

  • Product weight is 18.45 lbs.
40 napkins 15" x 17" Packaged in an easy-to-open box White, 3-ply Embossed with stylish Monterey Shell design Insert Alt Text here Insert Alt Text here Add a Timeless Touch to any Meal The maker of Vanity Fair offers a variety of disposable items that add a special touch to any meal occasion. For Everyday or Entertaining Soft and strong, with a cloth-like texture, Vanity Fair premium paper napkins add a special touch to any meal or moment. From breakfast to dinner and every meal in between, our two-ply everyday napkins are just the right size. When entertaining guests, our three-ply Impressions dinner napkins are 50% larger than our everyday napkin. So, they're perfect for entertaining. No matter the moment, Vanity Fair can make it a little more special. Disposables that Dazzle Our collection of fine paper plates and bowls are brilliantly white, beautifully embossed and remarkably strong. Vanity Fair disposable dishware is perfect for everyday or entertaining. And because our elegant disposable dishware is soak-proof, they're the perfect dish for any meal or occasion. Everyday Ideas Everybody loves a good time and with these nifty tips you'll be sure to impress family and friends alike. Looking for something to do tonight. What about a prime-time dinner party that everyone will be talking about for weeks to come? We've got you covered. Post-exercise Brunch Ah, exercise. It's tough to get moving but it's easier when there's a delicious, healthy meal to come home to. Get your family members together for a walk or a bike ride, then come home to a heart-warming and heart-healthy meal. Game Night Take the kids' digital devices away and get your board game on. Make the meal simple by grabbing Chinese takeout or pizza and let the games begin. Cinco de my House For busy families, any meal together is reason to celebrate. Why not celebrate the fifth of any month with a Mexican food fiesta. Creating a smorgasbord of tasty south-of-the-border treats is always quick and simple. Breakfast at Night The kitchen is the center of your home, so get the kids and get started on this simple and delicious meal. After all, waffles, pancakes and French toast taste great any time of day. Family First Looking to try something new? Before you serve it to dinner guests, practice on your family. You'll get to enjoy a family dinner together and get some opinions from your toughest critics. Teach Table Setting Get some inexpensive placemats and draw the outline of a fork, knife, spoon and napkin with a waterproof marker. It's a great way to teach your kids how to set the table. Game Day For the kids' next soccer match, open up your playbook of good times and throw a tailgate party. Chips, dips, finger foods, sandwiches and Vanity Fair napkins. It's sure to be a winner. Entertaining Ideas Whether big or small, get-togethers are a time to celebrate with good times and good friends. And here's a few simple, yet sophisticated ideas to elevate the occasion even more. Summer Drink Party Start with a signature drink. Serve them on a glass-top table with lights below to showcase your summer style and line your bar with Vanity Fair beverage napkins to keep slips and drips to a minimum. Don't forget to have some homemade iced tea or freshly squeezed lemonade on hand. Around the World Someday you'll take all your friends to Paris. While you're saving up, invite some of your most adventurous friends over and take them on a one-day fantasy trip with photos, a French film, language tapes, and perhaps, a quiche. Anniversary 101 This anniversary, take your sweetie back to where the two of you began. Return to the place you met, recreate your first date, or do dinner and dancing to summon up where you spent your honeymoon. Day at the Beach Bring the beach to your own backyard. Put on your flip flops, break out the suntan lotion and sip fruity drinks. Create a signature "mock-tail" for the under-21 crowd. You are never more than a few steps away from your own private beach – bring your own sandbox and kiddie pool to complete the scene. Tea Time Put a new twist on an English classic and take your next tea party to Russia. Make the brew strong, serve into delicate glasses from a pretty silver samovar, and offer elegant little cakes and candies on Vanity Fair napkins. A Hint of Glam Show off the china, get out the crystal and add a little sparkle to your party. It's all about glam, so dust off the china and don't forget the always-so-classic Vanity Fair napkins.

    ^ (2012). Vanity Fair Impressions Dinner Napkin, 960 Count, Dixie. Amazon. (revised Nov 2016)

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   My husband is VERY particular about dinner napkins. He thinks cloth napkins don't absorb, he wants large napkins because he has big hands, and he wants strong napkins that will protect his clothes. These are the only napkins we buy, and it was great to be able to buy them in bulk at a better price than the local bulk warehouse store. We plan to buy them regularly!
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