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Nexus 10 Pogo Cable

EAN 8809379200002
REGISTERED: 06/07/19
UPDATED: 09/29/20
Nexus 10 Pogo Cable
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Nexus 10 Pogo Cable

  • Nexus 10 Pogo Cable available on November 10 2014 from Amazon for 19.99
  • EAN bar code 8809379200002 ξ1 registered November 10 2014
  • Product category is Electronic
  • Manufacturered by Dae Han Special Metal, Ltd.
  • MagNector N-10

  • Fun & Convenience * Fast Charging Speed * Durable Use * Safety 1. Fun & Convenience: No more plugging-in to charge, just contact it to the charging port. It's fun!!!. You can also free up the USB port and charge faster. 2. Fast Charging Speed: It can enhance charging speed by approximately 25% and allow charging while playing games. You can start the device immediately even when the battery became fully drained. 3. Durable Use: Magnector has an everlasting use without physically damaging the port as it doesn't need plugging/unplugging. Permanent (rare earth) magnet is key part of it for long lasting use. 4. Safety: It has an OVP(Over Voltage Protector) chip installed and is a magnetically attached power cable so that in case someone trips over the cord it detaches safely. ? MagnectorTM is patent-based product designed and made by Daehan Special Metal co.,Ltd. in Korea( It has been selected as one of world-class products of Korea by Korean governmental body for its unique method of connect and the manufacturer's high standard works with global IT giants.

    ^ Nexus 10 Pogo Cable, Dae Han Special Metal, Ltd.. Amazon. (revised Nov 2014)

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I like this cable. It attaches easily and I have a Poetic cover installed. It is a one way attachment. Look closely at your Nexus 10 and you'll see that the attachment magnets are keyed; there is a rounded corner. This cable has matching magnets. Mine only attaches one way. I feel the magnetic attachment is far superior to the clamping action of the USB. My USB attachment feels sloppy. I can't see how it can go wrong. Now my USB connection can be saved for when it's necessary. Got a Nexus 10? Get one of the..
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This is a new revision: 02/13/2013First, the wiring of the Pogo is symetrical. This means you do no damage if you accidentally reverse and force the connector on. It is mechanically able to be installed one way, but experience tells me someone out there will try to force it on upside down.Secondly, i really measured the supply current at the 0% charge level with the USB port plug as .288A,with the Pogo, it was several times higher at 1.670 A. recently added this info. At the very minimum, according to USB s..
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Pros:- Sits perfectly in the Pogo dock- Charges quickly- Shipped quickly- Slight depression on the top side of the Pogo end makes it easy to quickly seat the plug correctlyCons:- USB cord could be about 2 or 3 feet longer
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