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Cottonful 100% Cotton Contact Kids/Toddlers Socks (Large, Striped Girl)

EAN 8808766500299
REGISTERED: 12/22/18
UPDATED: 08/04/20
Cottonful 100% Cotton Contact Kids/Toddlers Socks (Large, Striped Girl)

Cottonful 100% Cotton Contact Kids/Toddlers Socks (Large, Striped Girl)

  • Cottonful 100% Cotton Contact Kids/Toddlers Socks (Large, Striped Girl) available on December 20 2018 from Amazon for 12.99
  • EAN bar code 8808766500299 ξ1 registered December 20 2018
  • Product category is Apparel

  • Product color is Striped Girl

100% Cotton Contact with Skin (Patented Technology enables only cotton contacting skin) Good for Children with Sensitive or Allergic Skin, Premium Texture, Adorable Design Toddler Sizes have slip resistant safety features on the bottom of the socks Toddler T3~T8 (120~140mm), Small T7~T10(140~160mm), MediumT9~T12 (160~180mm), Large T11~13.5(180~200mm) **Due to Natural property of Cotton, socks shrink after Machine Drying. However, recovers after use. Delicate cycle preferred. Select one size larger if concerned. Cottonful 100% Cotton Contact TechnologyCottonful has patented technology which enables Cottonful to produce premium quality socks. The socks that are created with this technology are produced so that the skin is only contacted by 100% Cotton. Due to the fact that cotton does not stretch enough to provide elasticity, Polyurethane is added in the core of the thread to increase the resilience of the socks. Then, the core is completely covered and sealed with Cotton. So, despite the fact that the content is 97% Cotton and 3% Polyurethane, your skin will only be contacted by Cotton 100%. With this technology, Cottonful brings the full benefit of Cotton with the flexibility to your beloved ones. Cotton Benefits Breathability & Absorbability Cotton naturally absorbs moisture in a moistures condition, and releases moisture when it is in a dry condition. This makes our socks superb in getting rid of stinky feet~! Hypoallergenic The natural fabric processing for cotton uses incomparably less chemicals than synthetic fabric which causes allergic reaction in our skins. There is a reason why medical product such as bandages and gauze are only made from cotton. Insulation As the Cotton fiber traps air between the fiber, thermal insulation is enhanced Comfortability Cotton is soft which makes it comfortable to wear. Durability Cotton is a tough material which is good for preventing wear and tear. This property enables Cottonful to develop socks that are thin to maximize breathability of the socks So give it a try and feel the difference of the Cotton texture! Your beloved little ones will love it~!Manufactured by Immanuel Inc

    ^ Cottonful 100% Cotton Contact Kids/Toddlers Socks (Large, Striped Girl) Amazon. (revised Dec 2018)

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