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The Cola Conquest

UPC 880490100394
REGISTERED: 11/09/17
UPDATED: 08/13/20
The Cola Conquest
SYNOPSIS The Cola Conquest tells the story of Coca-Cola - the 'sublimated essence' of all that American stands for - and the century-long competition with its rival, Pepsi-Cola

  • The Cola Conquest available on August 13 2020 from Indigo for 14.95
    • UPC bar code 880490100394 ξ1 registered June 05 2015
    • Product category is Grocery

    • # 88049010039

    Challenging, fast-paced, irreverent, serious and funny by turns, it explores the delicious paradox at the heart of Coke: How did an innocuous soft drink come to wield such enormous power and assume such significance in so many people's lives? What does it tell us about whom we are and what we are becoming? Shot in the U. S., Canada, Russia, England, France, Mexico, Papua New Guinea, the Sahara Desert and China, The Cola Conquest takes us from Coke's invention by a morphine-addicted Civil War vet to the brink of the 21st century. Along the way, we explore the delicious paradox at the heart of Coke: How does a soft drink, more than 99% sweetened water, come to wield enormous power and assume such significance in so many people's lives? PART I: THE BIG SELL. Through a century of image-making with master artists - including the creation of our modern version of Santa - Coke sheds its patent medicine image to become first the drink for young moderns, and finally the most recognized brand name on earth. PART II: COLA WAR AND PEACE. During World War II, Coca-Cola becomes an essential morale booster for the troops and a worldwide symbol of the American way of life. As the Cold War turns frigid, former Pepsi lawyer, Richard Nixon, gives Pepsi a decade-plus jump on Coke behind the Iron Curtain. But when the Berlin Wall falls, Coca-Cola is there passing out the taste of freedom. PART III: COCA-COLONIZATION. Tea spills in China, wine in France and blood in Guatemala, as Coca-Cola teaches the world to acquire a taste for The Real Thing. But as Coke - and Pepsi - are busy abroad conquering new markets, upstart colas are nipping at their heels back home. From the jungles of Papua New Guinea to the Coca-Cola Olympics in Atlanta, we see the globalization of American pop culture, and corporate influence on the souls of nations.

      ^ The Cola Conquest Indigo. (revised Aug 2020)

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