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ProActive ProMark Stencil

UPC 858891002012
REGISTERED: 04/22/18
UPDATED: 03/22/19
ProActive ProMark Stencil
ProActive ProMark Stencil

  • ProActive ProMark Stencil available on March 22 2019 from Amazon for 8.06
  • UPC bar code 858891002012 ξ1 registered November 17 2013
  • Product category is Outdoor
  • Manufacturered by ProMark
  • DBL010
  • # DBL010

  • Product weight is 0.02 lbs.
  • Easy-to-use golf ball stencil that doubles as ball liner * Lets you personalize ball with letters, numbers, and symbols * Keeps ball still as stencil rotates around * Smudge-proof design; unlimited mark combinations Finally, an easy to use and inexpensive ball stencil that also doubles as a ball liner. The ProMark keeps the ball still as the stencil ring rotates around to personalize your golf ball with letters, numbers and symbols. Unlimited mark combination and smudge proof design. The easy-to-use ProActive ProMark stencil lets you personalize your golf ball with letters, numbers, and symbols, so you can identify your ball anywhere on the course. The ProMark--which doubles as a ball liner--keeps the ball still as the stencil rotates around, with unlimited mark combinations for labeling. The stencil is also smudge-proof, so your mark will stay on the ball throughout your round.

    ^ (2011). ProActive ProMark Stencil, Promark. Amazon. (revised Mar 2019)

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My old ball marker just broke. I did enjoy that product but that just made a alignment line on the ball. I did receive monogrammer as a present, you needed to put letters into a press, put transfer paper on the ball and then put nail polish on top of the letters. That product I use once and that was it. I just bought the ProMark, it's great, easy to use. It made a alignment line and I could write whatever on the ball and it worked prefect. No little parts lose or multi step process. I would recommend it to..
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A friend of mine reccommended this ball stencil to me. My company staff, golf in a few golf tournamnnets each year and we always have agood time marking up our golf balls for the tournament. When using the ProMark, it was unbelievably easy to use! Seriuously, this is no joke! The last tournamnt we played, we were actually stenciling names on our golfballs while sitting in our golf carts! This blows away ANY ball stencil in the stores AND it can also be used as a ball liner! Great product!!!!!
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This item was shipped in a timely manner. The golfball marker is easy to use and has a varitey of markings available for use.
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