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EarthBox 1010002 Garden Kit, Terra Cotta

UPC 858385001569
REGISTERED: 10/06/17
UPDATED: 08/14/18
EarthBox 1010002 Garden Kit, Terra Cotta
EarthBox 1010002 Garden Kit, Terra Cotta

  • EarthBox 1010002 Garden Kit, Terra Cotta available on December 22 2014 from Amazon for $32.25
  • UPC bar code 858385001569 ξ1 registered December 22 2014
  • Product category is Home Garden
  • Manufacturered by Earthbox
  • # 704583
  • Product color is Terra Cotta

  • Product weight is 10 lbs.
  • Wheeled garden box growing kit with fertilizer, dolomite, 2 germination covers * Great for cultivating vegetables, herbs and flowers on windowsills, decks, balconies, and even indoors! * No digging, no weeding, no guesswork * Just add planting mix, seedlings and water; includes foolproof instructions * Measures 29 by 14 by 11 inches (l x w x h); 2-cubic-foot soil capacity

    ^ (2006). EarthBox 1010002 Garden Kit, Terra Cotta, Earthbox. Amazon. (revised Dec 2014)

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I purchased 2 EarthBoxes to test my green thumb with vegetables. For comparison, I planted 2 tomato plants in my first EarthBox and 2 tomato plants in some inexpensive flower/vegetable pots that use the same "water from below" concept. For the first week and a half, there wasn't much of a difference between the Earthbox and the pots, but soon after, the plants in the EarthBox started to pull ahead. After 4 weeks, the plants in the EarthBox are one and a half times the size of the other plants, have much ..
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The Earth Box is an innovative approach to container gardening. The reservoir system ensures that the plants get exactly the water they need. All you have to do is keep the reservoir from drying out, which requires you to fill it every other day or so. You can't over-water - you just fill the reservoir until water comes out the overflow hole. Plants use different amounts of water at different times of their growth, so when I fill the Earth Box every other day, I sometimes topped it off quickly and someti..
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I have one (actually five) and the EarthBox is a great invention if the cost of your vegetables does not matter to you. However, if cost is a factor, then these will be the most expensive tomatoes or peppers or cukes or melons or squash that you will eat this year. In addition to the initial cost of the EarthBox, you will also spend approximately $20 for potting soil (more for organic potting soil) and something additional for the plants. In a single box, it is recommended that you plant only two tomato p..
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