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Db Drive Okur A3 1050.1d Car Amplifier - 1050 W Pmpo - 1 Channel - Class Ab

UPC 839868001597
REGISTERED: 09/06/19
UPDATED: 09/17/19
Db Drive Okur A3 1050.1d Car Amplifier - 1050 W Pmpo - 1 Channel - Class Ab
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0.3 V DC to 6 V DC11 Ohm Stable1 Year10.80 lb1050 W15 Hz to 250 Hz15 Hz to 55 Hz250 Hz40 Hz to 150 Hz425 WDC Ofiset Protection This circuit protects the output of the amplifier against DC voltage

  • UPC bar code 839868001597 ξ1 registered April 05 2015
  • Product category is Car Amplifiers Audio

If for some reason DC voltage is detected at the output stage, the amplifier will shut down protecting the speakers from direct current. Short Circuit Protection The circuit protects the amplifier from damage due to a short found in the speakers or wiring. If one of the speakers or its wiring comes in contact with ground, the amplifier will shut down. To resume normal operation. correct the problem and turn the head unit off, then back on. The amplifier will reset and play again. Thermal Protection To protect the amplifier circuitry against damage caused by prolonged exposure to high temperatures, a thermal protection circuit is activated if the amplifier reaches excessively high operating temperature. Once the thermal circuit is activated, the amplifier will shut down to cool off. The amplifier will automatically turn back on once it cools down to a safe operating temperature. A3 1050.1D Monoblock Amplifier Remote Control A3A3 1050.1DA3 1050.1D Monoblock AmplifierBass BoostCar AmplifierClass ABDB DriveDC Offset ProtectionMOSFETOKUROKUR A3Pulse Width Modulation CircuitryShort ProtectionThermal Protectiondb Research L.L.P

    ^ Db Drive Okur A3 1050.1d Car Amplifier - 1050 W Pmpo - 1 Channel - Class Ab, Battery Tender. (revised Dec 2015)

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