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  • Alexander available on November 15 2015 from Amazon for 4.99
  • UPC bar code 827969294222 ξ1 registered November 15 2015
  • Product category is Audio
  • Manufacturered by Sony

  • Product weight is 0.21 lbs.
Vangelis has created a musical setting that captures both the epic scale and the human drama of this spectacular film, which is both written and directed by multiple Oscar winner Oliver Stone (Platoon, Born on the Fourth of July, JFK). Put the saga of history's greatest overachiever -- Macedonian emperor Alexander the Great had conquered 90% of the pre-Christian world before his death at 32 -- in the hands of Hollywood's favorite over-reacher, Oliver Stone, and the result is three-hours of epic blood 'n' bathos. The soundtrack by Greek synth-score pioneer Vangelis Papathanassiou may be bookended by heroic orchestral/choral pomp of suitable scale and melodic dignity, but they buttress a far more compelling cocktail of primitive martial rhythms ("Drums of Gaugamela") and ancient ethnic-folk conceits ("Roxanne's Dance"). Though his film scores have become increasingly rare since the twin breakthroughs of his Oscar-winning Chariots of Fire and the sci-fi masterpiece Bladerunner, his work here argues that Vangelis' restless curiosity and musical range have only blossomed in the ensuing decades. With the exception of the final, club-targeted bonus cut, gone are his once overt electronics, replaced by a more organic, post-modern sense of fusion that evinces itself seductively on cues like "One Morning at Pella" and "Eastern Path." Elsewhere, cuts like "Across the Mountains" and "Tender Memories" are powered by Vangelis' trademark graceful lyricism, a trait that helps set this score apart from sword 'n' sandal contemporaries like Gladiator and Troy. --Jerry McCulley

    ^ (2004). Alexander, Sony. Amazon. (revised Nov 2015)

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