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When the Gods Dance: Bharatanatyam, Contemporary Dance

UPC 823524101202
REGISTERED: 04/12/18
UPDATED: 02/26/21
When the Gods Dance: Bharatanatyam, Contemporary Dance
When the Gods Dance: Bharatanatyam, Contemporary Dance

  • When the Gods Dance: Bharatanatyam, Contemporary Dance available on July 17 2015 from Amazon for 24.99
  • UPC bar code 823524101202 ξ1 registered July 17 2015
  • Product category is Audio
  • Manufacturered by Geethanjali
  • DVD10120

Bharatanatyam PART-19: Anita Ratnam (Contemporary Dance) * Chandralekha's Group (Contemporary Dance) ** This episode expands our horizons to see beyond the classical framework of the traditional Indian Dance. We present the adventurous Anita Ratnam know for her experimental choreography, Athirohana is conceptualized on six chakras that manevour the flow of energies in the human body. It describes the rise of the Kundalini force in the form of a serpent from the base, which represents earth, through the other five chakras, which represent Water, air, fire chakra from Athirohana, choreographed and performed by Anita Ratnam. Next comes an extract from Mahakal choreographed by the internationally renowned choreographer of contemporary dance, Chandralekha. In the midst of the various negative energies like terrorism, murder and violence, Man still tries to maintain his love and peace. This forms the basis of Chandralekha's Mahakal where we also see Kalaripayatu, the martial are from of Kerala, on display. **** PART-20: Dr. Padma Subrahmanyam (Bharata Nrityam) * Lata and Gita (Bharata Natyam) ** Dr. Padma Subramanyam performs a popular story of Indian mythology, the story of Gejendra Moksham choreographed to music by the legendary Japanese genius Miyaki Michiyo. This was specially choreographed by her for the centenary celebrations of the great blind musician while Padma was in Japan to receive her FUKUOKA Asian Cultural award. This is followed by a specially choreographed number performed in the sacred temple of dance at Chidambaram by the directors of this serial Lata and Gita. With Tamil Lyrics by Dr. S. Krishnaswamy and sung by star voices Chitra and Rajkumar Bharati this is dedicated to the art of dance at the very abode of the god of dance.

    ^ (2009). When the Gods Dance: Bharatanatyam, Contemporary Dance, Geethanjali. Amazon. (revised Jul 2015)

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