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Astell & Kern AK240 Mastering Quality Sound Dual DAC (Gun Metal) Audio Formats: MP3 Audio Recording: WAV Weight: 6.53 oz

  • Astell & Kern Ak240 Mastering Quality Sound Dual Dac (gun Metal) available on December 08 2017 from NeweggBusiness for Https://" itemprop="offers" target="_external" title="" itemscope itemtype="">1424.05
  • Astell&Kern AK240 Portable High-Resolution Audio Player - 256GB Gunmetal available on July 17 2017 from Amazon for 1,699.99
  • Astell&kern Ak240 Mastering Quality Sound Dual Dac (gun Metal) available on January 26 2017 from Newegg for 2499.0
  • UPC bar code 821566013828 ξ1 registered December 08 2017
  • UPC bar code 821566013828 ξ2 registered August 11 2015
  • UPC bar code 821566013828 ξ3 registered January 26 2017
  • Product category is Audio
  • Manufacturered by Unknown
  • AK240
  • # 9SIV17S67Z7229
  • # 9SIA1J71DB6091
  • Product color is Gunmetal

  • Product weight is 0.41 lbs.
256GB Internal Storage expandable up to 384GB. Dual DACs with balanced audio output. Direct Stream Digital offers more dynamic range. MQS playback closer to studio output than even SACD. Closer to Original Sound After successfully launching the AK100 and the AK120 models, we asked ourselves, "What is the ultimate sound quality?" After much consideration, we decided to move a step further with our goal, which is to deliver the sound "exactly as the artist had intended" for us to hear. Moving from the AK100 to AK120, we decided to provide a Dual DAC setup to create better left and right channel separation with clearer sound quality. We thought that the Dual DAC setup would be enough, but while developing the AK240, we felt the need to further improve sound quality in order to accurately reproduce the original sound recording. After countless hours of research and testing, we were able to find the answer. The answer was to create both a balanced output and native DSD playback through the Dual DAC setup. Now with the AK240, we can dare say that we have gotten "that much closer" to the sound quality of the original recording. What is DSD? DSD (Direct Stream Digital) is a digital audio file format originally developed for SACDs (Super Audio CD). Regular digital audio file formats such as PCM (Pulse Code Modulation) is separated into 65,000(16bit) to 16,700,000(24bit) of information on the Y axis, and 44,100(44.1kHz) to 192,000(192kHz) across the X axis for digital signals. DSD files have 1bit (0s or 1s) for Y axis and is separated into 2,800,000(2.8MHz) to 5,600,000(5.6MHz) of information for X axis. Compared to regular audio CDs with 16bit/44.1kHz PCM format, SACD's recording frequency goes up to 100kHz and the dynamic range goes beyond 120dB while maintaining sound clarity during the transmission. Native DSD Support One of the approaches we decided that would help us move a step closer to the original sound quality was to provide native DSD playback without having to convert it into PCM. This was indeed a difficult task. In order to provide native DSD playback on the AK240, we had to select a different DAC chipset.

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    ^ Astell&Kern AK240 Portable High-Resolution Audio Player - 256GB Gunmetal, Unknown. Amazon. (revised Jul 2017)
    ^ Astell&kern Ak240 Mastering Quality Sound Dual Dac (gun Metal), Astell & Kern. Newegg. (revised Jan 2017)

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There are so many things I love about this device:*The sound is remarkable*The Form Factor is unique*The device plays just about every file format out there: mp3 - DSD.*The easy of use in concept only*Physical quality of device is top notch!*Touch screen is good, does get glitchy but so does the iPhone and other touch devices.*Connecting to WiFi is easy*Connecting Bluetooth is a snap once you learn how use it. It's not as intuitive as you might think, but once you ..
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