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KALIFANO Authentic Natural Arthropod Trilobite Fossil - Morocco

UPC 807626244388
REGISTERED: 05/21/18
UPDATED: 02/24/20
KALIFANO Authentic Natural Arthropod Trilobite Fossil - Morocco

KALIFANO Authentic Natural Arthropod Trilobite Fossil - Morocco

  • KALIFANO Authentic Natural Arthropod Trilobite Fossil - Morocco available on August 01 2016 from Amazon for 39.50
  • UPC bar code 807626244388 ξ1 registered August 01 2016
  • Product category is Art
  • Manufacturered by Alexander Kalifano

  • Product color is Authentic Trilobite Fossil

  • Product weight is 0.1 lbs.
Genuine Trilobite fossil with natural stand - Detailed specimens to collect and fun for learning Authentic real fossil dated to be 500 million years old from Morocco Earliest known extinct member of arthropods group from Cambrian epoch Includes information card to help study and learn about the ancient Trilobite Please allow for small variations in size and shape. Average Size - 1" Long by .75" Wide by .4" Tall Our genuine Trilobite fossils are approximately 500 million years old and were discovered in Russia and Morocco. Trilobites were among the most successful organisms ever to populate Earth, roaming the oceans for millions of years. They are one of the earliest known groups of arthropods, which include insects and spiders. They flourished until their extinction in the Permian period 240 million years ago.

    ^ KALIFANO Authentic Natural Arthropod Trilobite Fossil - Morocco, Alexander Kalifano. Amazon. (revised Aug 2016)

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This Genuine Ammonite Fossils PAIR is beautifully cut and polished. I can see in great detail, all of the divided crystallized spiral interior. These Are great to add to a collection of fossils. Ammonite fossils date back 400 million years from Madagascar. "These seafaring squid were discovered in Morocco, Madagascar, and Germany. The name Ammonite comes from the Greek Ram-horned God called Ammon. Researchers believe they lived in shallow waters of ancient seas and moved ..
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