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SKB Hunter Series Bow Case

UPC 789270411715
REGISTERED: 05/19/20
UPDATED: 02/25/21
SKB Hunter Series Bow Case
Rank: 6%
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SKB Hunter Series Bow Case

  • SKB Hunter Series Bow Case available on November 30 2014 from Amazon for 96.00
  • UPC bar code 789270411715 ξ1 registered November 30 2014
  • Product category is Art
  • Manufacturered by SKB Corp.
  • 2SKB-4117
  • # PAS4117
  • Product color is Black

  • Product weight is 2 lbs.
  • The 2SKB-4117 Hunter Series Bow Case is designed to accommodate most of the best selling bows on the market with the quiver attached * Rigid shaped ABS shell with stylish embossing that actually adds structural support to the lid with an eight point interlocking stacking system * Provides a tight and secure fit to prevent dirt, dust and moisture from the interior of the case with lockable draw-bolt metal latches * Plush lined EPS inserts for maximum impact resistance and new state of the art water-jet cut polyethylene foam arrow system * Internal Dimensions are 39 x 15 x 6-Inch, weighs 11 pounds and a comfortable carrying handle

    ^ (2010). SKB Hunter Series Bow Case, SKB Corp.. Amazon. (revised Nov 2014)

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I selected this case after reading the reviews on how the case fit the Z7 like a glove... and all those reviews are right on point. There are some reviews that claim that you can case your bow with a loaded quiver and that is something I was interested in since I have a 2 piece quiver that is a pain in the rear to take off and put on frequently. However, there are some caveats.-The case has a nice furry lower potion to set the bow in... and the bow fits in there nice and snug. Almost too snug if you ask me,..
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Very nice case, fur like material inside. My Z7 fits perfect. Well built, and is lighter with my Mathews in it than most cases are empty. My Z7 also fits with my loaded Mathews arrow web quiver attached. Only down side is there are no tie down straps for bow or stabilizer, but can be added easily.
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As others said fits the Z7 like a glove. A kwikee quiver doesn't fit attached to bow. Nice construction, well built and surprisingly light. There is no tie downs for a release, but could be added as others mentioned. I am very happy with the case, and highly recommend it to anyone with a mathews Z7
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