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Standard Horizon Matrix Ais 25w Class D 30w Loud Hailer

Matrix AIS GX2150 - Black The GX2150 Matrix AIS integrates a dual channel AIS (Automatic Identification System) receiver that displays received AIS target vessels directly on the VHF radio

  • Standard Horizon GX2150B Standard Matrix AIS and VHF Marine Radio - Black available on March 09 2016 from Amazon for 299.95
  • Standard Horizon Gx2150b Class D 25w Matrix Ais available on September 23 2014 from FactoryOutletStore for 299.99
  • UPC bar code 788026136667 ξ1 registered April 05 2015
  • UPC bar code 788026136667 ξ2 registered March 09 2016
  • UPC bar code 788026136667 ξ3 registered August 29 2014
  • Product category is Electronic
  • Manufacturered by Standard Horizon
  • GX2150B
  • 54506-22
  • # 1231164
  • # 54506-22
  • Product color is black

  • Product weight is 5 lbs.
The GX2150 displays AIS target information (MMSI, Call Sign, Ship Name, BRG, DST, SOG and COG) and will allow you to contact an AIS Ship directly using DSC, show your vessels position in relation to AIS targets and alert you when an AIS ship may be approaching to close to your location via the Closest Point of Approach (CPA) Alarm. One antenna input is all that is needed since the GX2150 utilizes the VHF antenna to receive targets from ships with AIS class A or B transponders. The GX2150 features an 80dB commercial grade receiver with Local/Distance attenuator, Class D DSC (dedicated channel 70 receiver continuously watches for DSC calls), powerful 30 Watt PA/Loud Hailer with listen back, and preprogrammed fog signs. Other great features include; die-cast chassis for durability, user-changeable channel names, optional voice scrambler, ClearVoice noise canceling speaker microphone, 4.5 Watt audio output, NOAA Weather Alert, Programmable Scan, Priority Scan and Dual Watch. The GX2150 is also capable of entering and saving up to 100 waypoints, which may be selected and navigated to by using a unique navigation compass display which shows your vessels SOG, COG and the BRG (Bearing) and DST (Distance) to the waypoint*. The GX2150 is capable of being connected to a RAM3 Remote Access Microphone, allowing control of all VHF, DSC and hailer functions remotely as well as add an intercom between the radio and second station microphone. Another unique feature is the ability of the GX2150 to "poll" (request and send) the GPS LAT/LON of another vessel and show the vessel's position on the radio's alphanumeric display or send the data to a compatible GPS chart plotter to be viewed directly on the chart. This is a great feature for maintaining contact with fishing or cruising "buddy" boats. The GX2150 also has the capability to send AIS target information to a chart plotter via NMEA. Now with NMEA selectable baud rate 4800 to 38400 (Allows connection to GPS Chart plotter with 1 NMEA IN/OUT) The MATRIX is backed by an industry leading 3-year waterproof warranty. Features: Integrated dual channel AIS receiver AIS target display Contact AIS Ship with DSC CPA (Closest Point of Approach) Alarm 80dB Commercial grade receiver Class D DSC Independent Channel 70 receiver built-in for continuous DSS watch Local/Distance attenuator Channels - Available = NONE , DSC Class = D , Hailer/Intercom = NONE , Power - Output (Watts) = 25W , Remote Mic Capable = NONE , Scrambler Capable = NONE , Waterproof Rating = Waterproof , Weather Alert = Yes

    ^ Standard Horizon Matrix Ais 25w Class D 30w Loud Hailer, STANDARD HORIZON. (revised Oct 2021)
    ^ Standard Horizon GX2150B Standard Matrix AIS and VHF Marine Radio - Black, Standard Horizon. Amazon. (revised Mar 2016)
    ^ Standard Horizon Gx2150b Class D 25w Matrix Ais, Standard Horizon. FactoryOutletStore. (revised Sep 2014)

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   Great build quality, as with all Standard / Yaesu electronics; this FM transceiver is no exception. Quality is excellent with a logical and friendly user interface. The downside is that the AIS reception range for displaying AIS targets is internally limited to 15 miles maximum. This could be an issue for some boaters, especially sailing vessels.
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I stuck with the Standard Horizen since they offered the built-in AIS receive feature. Installation is as easy as any of them are. My only criticism is like many electronics OEW this came with bitter end wires. Why can't they standardize on a connector like the DIN and everyone just comply so I don't have to haul out my soldering gun? This seems to be a step above the usual Standard Horizen package. The microphone and radio encasement feel a lot more substantial than the..
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