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Jeopardy Nintendo Wii

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ESRB Rating: E - Everyone Genre: Action Features: THIS…is…JEOPARDY! Join Alex Trebek on the set of “America’s Favorite Quiz Show!®� Use your quick wits and lightning fast skills to be the first to pose your question! Features Authentic Game Play! Test your knowledge through 2,400 clues in authentic Jeopardy!, Double Jeopardy! and Final Jeopardy! Experience The Thrill! Play your favorite quiz game amidst the full Jeopardy! set, complete with lights, cameras and a studio audience

  • Jeopardy Wii Game Thq available on November 24 2015 from Newegg for 15.99
  • Jeopardy available on February 02 2015 from Amazon for $10.97
  • UPC bar code 785138303727 ξ2 registered March 23 2020
  • UPC bar code 785138303727 ξ4 registered November 24 2015
  • UPC bar code 785138303727 ξ3 registered February 02 2015
  • UPC bar code 785138303727 ξ1 registered July 04 2012
  • Product category is Software Game
  • Manufacturered by THQ
  • N82E16878146205
  • 30372
  • # THQ30372
  • Product color is One Color

  • Product weight is 0.15 lbs.
Battle Your Friends! Play Jeopardy! with up to two friends and lock in your answer verbally using Wii SpeakTM or buzz in the correct answer using the Wii RemoteTM. Brought to you by…Enjoy fast-paced commercial break mini-games to be crowned the “Crowd Favorite� and unlock prizes for your Mii

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My girlfriend and I are huge Jeopardy! fans. We watch the show every day and are very competitive with each other. I bought this as a surprise for weekend visit and we were both very pleased with the game. I have played other versions of the game on the PC or online and this version blows them all out of the water. To answer questions about the nuts and bolts of the game, you buzz in with the Wiimote and answer in different ways depending on the difficulty level. On easy mode it is multiple choice; on mediu..
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My husband and I are trivia buffs and like to play Jeopardy together, so needless to say we have been eagerly awaiting the release of the game for nearly a year. It has not disappointed! I am glad that THQ is who released it as they did a great job, and it is arguably the best video game version of Jeopardy yet to be released. First off, I should explain that I am playing it more for the trivia and actual game play aspect than the bells and whistles like customizable miis and earning cute little new outf..
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Bluestar Bluestar Blackstar Blackstar Blackstar

The game itself is fun if you like Jeopardy or trivia games in general. The audio is great. Someone in the other room would hardly be able to tell if you're playing the game or watching it on TV. As far as difficulty, the questions are pretty standard Jeopardy stuff, so if you find yourself only answering one or two questions while watching the show it may be a little too difficult for you. It's definitely not for children unless they just happen to know a LOT of trivia. There are also 3 different diffi..
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