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REGISTERED: 11/14/17
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  • Co-Balt available on April 10 2016 from Buy for 10.32
  • UPC bar code 781057100126 ξ1 registered April 10 2016
  • Product category is Video

The strength of a perfect pairing lies in more than just the individuality of its parts; it relies on the newness of what that pairing creates. When two of Athens, Georgia's most respected musical forces--Vic Chesnutt and Widespread Panic--first came together in 1993 to form the extraordinary collective Brute, they found they had formed a powerhouse combination unachievable without each other--one so good that almost a decade later it yearns to live again. And so it does. On April 9, 2002, Widespread Records released Brute's second album, Co-Balt. Driven by Chesnutt's signature playful-yet-meaningful songwriting style (not to mention vocals and acoustic guitar), the eleven-song disc bears the indelible mark of producer John Keane (backing vocals, electric and acoustic guitar, pedal steel) and features the whole Widespread crew: Dave Schools (bass), Michael Houser (guitar), John Hermann (keyboards), Todd Nance (drums), John Bell (backing vocals, electric guitar) and Domingo Ortiz (percussion). Recording the rough mixes for Co-Balt in Keane's home studio over a three-day period in January of 2001, the Brute boys had no time to compose, let along rehearse. Vic made selections from his trunk of songs each day then the group simply hit record and played, a process not unlike their first collaboration, their 1995 debut Nine High A Pallet. While the in-the-moment approach was the same, the outcome this time was tighter, more concise, lending Co-Balt a new maturity. It's quite a feat to top an album Entertainment Weekly called ...a compelling, rollicking disc and CMJ dubbed a rare triumph, but it looks like they've done it. It Co-Balt has the Keane gloss to it, Schools comments, but all the heaviness that Brute implies. Vic agrees, It's slicker than the last one... This record is more pop. I see this one as more light-hearted with a couple of

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