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Nuance Communications Dragon 13.0 Bluetooth Headset

Nuance Communications Dragon 13.0 Bluetooth Headset

  • Nuance Communications Dragon 13.0 Bluetooth Headset available on December 31 2015 from Amazon for 94.77
  • Nuance Dragon 13.0 - Bluetooth Headset available on July 16 2015 from Newegg for 136.85
  • UPC bar code 780420130029 ξ1 registered December 31 2015
  • UPC bar code 780420130029 ξ2 registered April 24 2015
  • Product category is Electronic
  • Manufacturered by Nuance Communications
  • 29-K61A-33000
  • 780420130029
  • # N82E16832182267
  • Product color is White/Black

  • Product weight is 0.11 lbs.
Incredibly fast and easy to setup - headset and dongle pre-paired out-of-the-box Separate power slide switch and volume button, with single multifunction/call/mic button for easy, intuitive use Universal and highly comfortable design, adjustable to left or right ear Up to 33 feet (10 m) range Up to 10 hours talk time The Dragon Bluetooth wireless headset is specifically designed to meet Nuance's highest performance and quality standards for the most optimized and highest level of accuracy when using Dragon speech recognition products. This Bluetooth headset will allow you to wirelessly dictate to your computer while enabling you to maintain a consistent distance between your mouth and the microphone.

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    ^ (2015). Nuance Dragon 13.0 - Bluetooth Headset, NUANCE. Newegg. (revised Jul 2015)

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First understand that mine may have been "used" (eewwwww, I put it in my ear... didn't see any junk on it though). My impression is that these were either a dysfunctional return sent to me by mistake and/or the technology is dated and the drivers are not completely compatible with Windows 8.1.If this is all there is - just a cheap housing in a little cardboard tube (not retail packaging) and a single-sided very basic instruction sheet with minute printing that told..
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