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Dragon Dictate Student/Teacher Edition, Version 2, Mac

UPC 780420123601
REGISTERED: 08/13/18
UPDATED: 05/24/20
Dragon Dictate Student/Teacher Edition,  Version 2, Mac
Dragon Dictate Student/Teacher Edition, Version 2, Mac

  • Dragon Dictate Student/Teacher Edition, Version 2, Mac available on November 11 2014 from Amazon for $99.99
  • UPC bar code 780420123601 ξ1 registered November 11 2014
  • Product category is Electronic
  • Manufacturered by Nuance Communications, Inc.
  • S601A-F02-2.0

  • Instead of a keyboard, use your voice to produce text. Speak your thoughts; then watch your words appear on screen in your favourite Mac applications - and up to three times faster than typing * Control your Mac in a relaxed, hands-free manner without being tied to your keyboard. Instead of using your mouse, just speak commands to launch and control applications. * Tell your Mac what to do, like "Reply To This Message" or "Open Microsoft Word" or "Jump To Google" to work faster and smarter. Create voice commands that automate complex workflows on your Mac. * Create a digital world, powered by your own voice. Customise Dragon Dictate for Mac with personal vocabulary and voice commands that reflect the kind of work you do. * Dragon Dictate for Mac was built to give users the experience they expect from their favourite Macintosh applications - an intuitive, easy-to-use interface that dramatically boosts productivity. * Because Dragon enables users to dictate three times faster than typing - with up to 99% accuracy -teachers can prepare lesson plans, syllabi, reading lists, worksheets, and more faster than ever before. * Dragon saves students time by letting them take notes by simply talking to their computers or speaking into a Nuance-certified handheld digital recorder for later transcription on their PC. No more cramped fingers from jotting down notes by hand. * Students can use simple spoken commands to find information on the Internet or files on their computer. They can locate information quickly and easily by simply saying things like, "Search the Web for global warming articles,? * Teachers can use Dragon to provide more detailed feedback when assessing student work - from papers through research projects to tests - with unprecedented speed and ease.

    ^ (2010). Dragon Dictate Student/Teacher Edition, Version 2, Mac, Nuance Communications, Inc.. Amazon. (revised Nov 2014)

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I've used a program like this years ago called dragon speaks when this technology was new. So I bought this with much hesitation from the experience I had with the first versions of it. When I got the product in the mail, I put it to use right away. I did the tutorial and exercises for the program to recognize my speech pattern and did some tests. I wasn't used to the voice commands, but began to become more comfortable in talking. The accuracy of the program is very high. The fault I find is not with..
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I recently purchased a Mac to replace my old PC laptop, therefore I needed to repurchase the Dragon speech program for Mac. For starters, the registration process for the student edition was simple and easy. Installation was easy and it takes you through a speech training program for it to properly sync to your accents. I did all of the training programs that were available to make sure it would be as accurate as possible. However, despite all of the training, this program is only about 75% accurate with it..
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If you want to see what this software can do, look over at the reviews for the non-student version, as the software is exactly the same. In my experience, the voice recognition has been very good. Version 2.5 makes it work pretty well in Microsoft Word. One caveat: if you are using it in a very long Word documents, such as over 30 pages, the dictation software is so slow as to be unusable. And this is with my brand-new MacBook Pro.Amazon notes that you need to prove your student or faculty status when you b..
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