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Dragon Dictate for Mac -- Simply Smarter Speech Recognition With Dragon Dictate for Mac, accomplish more than you ever imagined possible. Input text just by speaking up to three times faster than typing and interact with your favorite Mac applications using only your voice. With Dragon Dictate you can produce reports, e-mail, articles, books, research notes, online content, and more quickly, easily, and accurately.

  • Dragon Dictate 2.0 for Mac available on June 27 2015 from Buy for 287.49
  • Dragon Dictate, Version 2, Mac available on November 20 2014 from Amazon for 199.99
  • UPC bar code 780420123007 ξ1 registered June 29 2012
  • UPC bar code 780420123007 ξ2 registered June 27 2015
  • UPC bar code 780420123007 ξ3 registered November 20 2014
  • Product category is S601A-G00-2.0 Nuance Communications 780420123007 Software Windows
  • Manufacturered by Nuance Communications, Inc.
  • S601A-G00-2.0
  • # 6241359
  • # 137720

  • Product weight is 0.004 lbs.
Powered by the renowned Dragon speech recognition engine Dragon Dictate for Mac is like a personal assistant thats always helping you get things doneā€”and all just by talking!

    ^ (2012). Dragon Dictate for Intel Mac, Incl Headset, Nuance Communications. (revised Sep 2015)
    ^ Dragon Dictate 2.0 for Mac Buy. (revised Jun 2015)
    ^ (2010). Dragon Dictate, Version 2, Mac, Nuance Communications, Inc.. Amazon. (revised Nov 2014)

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(This whole review is done with Dragon 2.0 I will not edit it at all)As a quadriplegic standup comedian (okay I'm the cant stand up comic) I spent a lot of time doing voice dictation. I have been using Dragon naturally speaking since 1995 and I must say it is truly an amazing product and Dragon dictate 2.0 for Mac is the same. I will be adding to this review as I dig down into Dragon 2.0 and some of the editing and correction features. But first I want to give a basic overview on voice dictation and being..
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I come to the Mac version of speech recognition after having used speech recognition software in Windows for 15 years. 1995 was when I first started using IBM Via Voice and you had to speak each word distinctly. Then Dragon came out with Windows 95 product, also called Dragon Dictate, and then they changed it to Dragon Naturally Speaking in 1997 and I have been using it ever since, faithfully upgrading to each new version. At that time when you called technical support you could even talk to Dr. Janet Baker..
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Review for Dragon Dictate 2.0.All of this review will be written using DragonDictate 2.0:I've been using Dragon Dictate 2.0 for little over two weeks, I never used MacSpeech Dictate, however, I did use Dragon Naturally Speaking nine, for Windows.I am using a Plantronics 400 USB headset: I bought the program because I've had some pain in my wrists, and because I do a lot of writing, and need a hands-free way of typing. I write fiction, blogs, e-mails, nonfiction, and school assignments with this program, I e..
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