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Original Hoberman Sphere--Rainbow (Discontinued by manufacturer)

  • Original Hoberman Sphere--Rainbow (Discontinued by manufacturer) available on January 17 2018 from Amazon for 29.95
  • Hoberman Original Sphere - Rainbow available on April 13 2016 from Newegg for 35.48
  • UPC bar code 780358101047 ξ1 registered March 05 2014
  • UPC bar code 780358101047 ξ2 registered April 13 2016
  • Product category is Art Toy
  • Manufacturered by John N. Hansen Co. Inc.
  • HS104
  • JHHS104
  • # 9SIA05U0842218
  • Product color is Multicolor

  • Product weight is 2.9 lbs.
Expands from 9.5" to 30" No assembly required Includes 21 Cool Things To Do game sheet Includes a pully that can be attached to the ceiling allowing you to open and close your sphere. Great conversation piece The original Hoberman Sphere. Expands from 9.5\" to 30\"!Features include: •Expands from 9.5\" to 30\"•No assembly required•Includes 21 Cool Things To Do game sheet•Includes a pully that can be attached to the ceiling allowing you to open and close your sphere.•Great conversation piece The Hoberman Sphere starts small and grows larger. And vice versa. Made of rainbow-colored plastic links, the sphere expands to 30 inches in diameter and contracts to a compact 9.5 inches. There's a hypnotic fascination in making the sphere expand and contract over and over again, but if kids want to do more with their sphere, a guide (included) lists some possibilities. How about trying the ballerina spin, the flip down, or the hot potato? The sphere can also be a fashion accessory. Think spiked hat or, even better, space helmet. Another option is to hang the sphere as a mobile. A pulley system is included, and a pull of the ring will cause the sphere to contract. Release the ring for expansion. Plenty of fun, the Hoberman Sphere might get kids thinking about mechanical engineering and some folding/unfolding projects of their own. Winner of the Parents' Choice Award. --Wendy Slotboom

    ^ Original Hoberman Sphere--Rainbow (Discontinued by manufacturer), John N. Hansen Co. Inc.. Amazon. (revised Jan 2018)
    ^ Hoberman Original Sphere - Rainbow, John N. Hansen Co.. Newegg. (revised Apr 2016)

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This is such a unique toy. My kids have a lot of toys but nothing quite like this. They love experimenting with making the sphere bigger and smaller and bouncing it and trying to catch it before it collapses, etc. Endless opportunities with this toy to use your imagination and expand your mind. My kids are four years old, and they and their friends really enjoy it. Their friends have younger siblings who often come over to our house, too, and even they enjoy e..
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Blackstar Blackstar Blackstar Blackstar Blackstar

   This toy would be awesome if it wasn't so cheaply made. I literally gave my nine year old this on her brithday (Sept 29) and less than 24 hours later on the 30 the thing no longer would collapse because a couple of the little protrusions that support the frame of this were no longer holding things in place. At a science fair at my daughter's school in the spring one of the booths had one of these and my daughter loved it, so I thought it would make a ..
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Blackstar Blackstar Blackstar Blackstar Blackstar

This toy has the potential to inspire young children and lead them to careers & interests in engineering, mathematics, the physical sciences, etc. Once they're over their "ooohs" and "ahhhs" and start thinking of the design and simplistic yet complex design, watch out! The flood gates of curiosity open and they don't ever close!Personal Story: A few years ago, a neighbor's family and myself took a trip to the Liberty Science Center at Liberty State P..
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