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Compressport Pro Racing Socks - Run (Lowcut) - White/Blue

EAN 7640145326769
REGISTERED: 11/30/18
UPDATED: 02/28/20
Compressport Pro Racing Socks - Run (Lowcut) - White/Blue
Euro Price - 15.19. RRP Euros - 17.25.

  • Compressport Pro Racing Socks - Run (Lowcut) - White/Blue available on February 16 2020 from TheHut for 16.59
  • EAN bar code 7640145326769 ξ1 registered February 16 2020
  • Product category is Sports Clothing Art

The second generation of Compressport's innovative socks the Pro Racing Socks are designed to provide optimum comfort increased blood circulation and postural strengthening. The new and improved hemless design also features additional ventilation zones and enhanced arch support which are vital for any athlete.Ultraventilation Mesh around the ankle top of the foot and toes ensures the foot feel light dry fresh and cool. This highly breathable fabric aids the removal of humidity and perspiration while also guarding your feet from blisters overheating and fungal infections.Around the top of the sock there's a single layer of fabric without elastic this hemless design ensures the socks are kept in place without being too tight around the ankle.Archstim support is located around the arch of the foot the compressive strip promotes venous return strengthens stride posture and stops the sock from moving slipping and twisting. The ergonomic design of the Compressport Pro Racing Socks offers increased comfort when cycling. - A.D.Key Features:Blood Flow Stimulation: the acupressure effect of the 3D.DOTs helps to stimulate blood circulation in the foot increasing venous returnShock Absorption: the external over-woven structure of the 3D.DOTs allows for absorption and dampening of impactProtection of the Achilles Tendon: the cushioning effect of the 3D.DOTs at the rear of the sock protect the Achilles tendon from friction and pressureSlip-Proof: the multi-directional 3D.DOTs ensure maximum grip in shoes preventing the sock from slippingVentilation: air flows easily between the 3D.DOTs regulating temperatureWater Extraction: the 3D.DOTs retain little water (rain hydration perspiration) and the space between them facilitates its extraction so that feet stay drier Ultimate Comfort: the internal over-woven structure of the 3D.DOTs increases comfort and reduces the risk of chafingTravel Sock: as it stimulates blood flow and prevents fluid accumulating in the foot it is an ideal travel sock‘Ergoformable’ Toe Piece: the toe piece design covers the toes without creasing compressing or smothering the foot. Toes are left free and not squashed togetherAnti-bacterial and Anti-Odour Silver Ion Fabric: silver ions control heat and moisture helping to reduce sweating and overheating therefore reducing germs and bacteria. Using a patented process silver ions are built into the fabric reducing odour and the chance of blistersQuality Assurance: always striving to bring you the highest quality Compressport compression products are manufactured exclusively in Europe using European yarn on European equipment by European medical compression specialistsQuality Guarantee: Compressport guarantees your product for two years and will exchange it for any manufacturing fault or defect during that period

    ^ Compressport Pro Racing Socks - Run (Lowcut) - White/Blue, Compressport. TheHut. (revised Feb 2020)

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