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SlingLink TURBO W1 Ethernet over Power Adapter

UPC 753960010380
REGISTERED: 08/23/18
UPDATED: 05/23/19
SlingLink TURBO W1 Ethernet over Power Adapter
SlingLink TURBO W1 Ethernet over Power Adapter

  • SlingLink TURBO W1 Ethernet over Power Adapter available on November 27 2013 from Amazon for 17.86
  • UPC bar code 753960010380 ξ1 registered November 27 2013
  • Product category is Electronic
  • Manufacturered by Sling Media
  • Turbo W1

  • Product color is Black

  • Product weight is 1 lbs.
  • Package includes 1- Ethernet Adapter, 1- 10FT Ethernet Cable and User's Manual * Enables network access where power outlet is available * Some applications may require the purchase of additional units. * Easy to install and setup Sometimes there isn't an Ethernet jack around when you need one. The SlingLink Turbo W1 is a HomePlug ethernet adapter that enables network connectivity using any available electrical outlet, allowing connection to various devices including a DISH Network receiver, SlingBox, video game console, computer, and anything with an Ethernet jack. The DISH Network ViP series of receivers have built-in SlingLink technology so they only require one SlingLink plugged into an electrical outlet near the router to connect the compatible DISH receiver to the internet. For other devices, two SlingLink adapters are required (one for the router and one for the device) to receive network access. You can provide access to additional devices by adding additional SlingLinks.

    ^ SlingLink TURBO W1 Ethernet over Power Adapter, Sling Media. Amazon. (revised Nov 2013)

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