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Universal Specific Gravity Kit for an Electronic Bench Scale

UPC 753807504119
REGISTERED: 11/18/17
UPDATED: 10/17/19

Kit, Universal Specific Gravity for an Electronic Scale

  • Kit, Universal Specific Gravity for an Electronic Scale available on October 13 2019 from Amazon for 83.00
  • UPC bar code 753807504119 ξ1 registered February 24 2015
  • Product category is Electronic
  • Manufacturered by Mineralab
  • SGK-B

  • Product weight is 2.01 lbs.
This "Electronic Scale" method/device is the best overall for Specific Gravity measurement. It is very accurate, providing that the Scale you use it with is sensitive enough, while the measuring process is quick and easy, overall. As seen on YouTube, just weigh your sample in "Air" (which is the same as weighing it on the platform of your Scale), and then weigh the sample in "Water." Then calculate SG by dividing the difference between the heavier Weight in Air and the lighter Weight in Water, into the Weight in Air. A simple Worksheet is provided for that purpose. Kit contains 3-way adjustable Beaker assembly, Weighing Pan assembly, Aluminum Stick reference weight (SG=2.70), Tweezers, Illustrated Instructions, Worksheets, and Table of 300 Minerals sorted by Specific Gravity. Your Scale must have minimum Capacity of 50 grams, protruding Weighing Platform at least 3" across, openable or removable draft shield/lid for access from front and 1 side, and Tare function to Zero out Scale. This kit uses a 100mL Beaker as a water container, with approximately a 2.2" inside diameter. The tared weight of that portion of the kit that actually sits on top of the scale's weighing platform is 26 grams. SG accuracy depends on Readability or Minimum Weight spec of the Scale you use with the SG Kit. Rule of thumb is Readability x factor of 50, so a Scale with Readability of .01g will give accurate SG on items weighing down to .5g (.01 x 50). Use this kit with _your_ Electronic Bench Scale to measure the Specific Gravity or Density of Minerals, Gems, Industrial Materials, and any solid, for that matter. Please note that the Kit does not include the Scale, but this SG kit is "Universal" in that it is compatible with most any full size, Bench or Lab scale. It is adjustable in 3 different dimensions for Scales of varying height, depth, and width. The Kit includes everything you need to measure Specific Gravity, except for the Scale and the Water. Note: There are two versions/sizes of this kit. Choose our "Carat Scale" version of the kit, instead, for use with small, pocket carat scales (search SGK-C).

    ^ Kit, Universal Specific Gravity for an Electronic Scale, Mineralab. Amazon. (revised Oct 2019)

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