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Yakima Q-104 Clip for Yakima Q Tower Roof Rack System

  • Yakima Q-104 Clip for Yakima Q Tower Roof Rack System available on December 23 2017 from Amazon for 9.00
  • Yakima Q104 Clip Q Tower Mounting Clips available on February 01 2015 from FactoryOutletStore for 39.0
  • UPC bar code 736745007041 ξ1 registered December 23 2017
  • UPC bar code 736745007041 ξ2 registered February 01 2015
  • Product category is Automobile Car
  • Manufacturered by Yakima
  • 8000704
  • Q104 Clip
  • # 89640-5
  • Product color is One Color

  • Product weight is 0.48 lbs.
Includes two Q Clips, two base pads, and two vinyl pads The Yakima Q Clips are essential to mount Q Towers Designed specifically for your vehicle Love it 'Till You Leave It Limited Lifetime Warranty. No Yakima Q Tower is complete without custom fitted Yakima Q Clips. Sleek stainless steel minimizes interference with your door seal, while the custom fit and accompanying base pad connect securely to your vehicle. Note: Yakima Q Clips are sold in pairs.  Most Yakima racks will require two sets - see our fit guide for more information.

    ^ (2008). Yakima Q-104 Clip for Yakima Q Tower Roof Rack System, Yakima. Amazon. (revised Dec 2017)
    ^ Yakima Q104 Clip Q Tower Mounting Clips, Yakima. FactoryOutletStore. (revised Feb 2015)

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It came with the Q-83 Clip, vinyl stickers to prevent damage, rubber feet for the underside of the Q-Tower, and instructions. Shipping took longer than expected but customer service resolved that issue for me. Very installation into the Q tower. My only concern is that with one of the clips it seems as though it bent a bit as a tighten it. I was not applying too much pressure so I'm not sure why this happened. It has only been on the vehicle for about 24 hours now ..
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