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Telebrands Rabbit Tv Usb Stick

EAN 7337331945681
REGISTERED: 02/13/19
UPDATED: 07/15/20
Telebrands Rabbit Tv Usb Stick

Telebrands Rabbit Tv Usb Stick

  • Telebrands Rabbit Tv Usb Stick available on September 18 2016 from Amazon for 1.40
  • EAN bar code 7337331945681 ξ1 registered January 27 2016
  • Product category is Pet Rabbit
  • Manufacturered by Telebrands
  • 6686-6

  • Product color is Red

  • Product weight is 0.0477 lbs.
Includes such channels as ABC, CBS, ESPN, FOX, Liftime, PBS and Many more! USB works on any PC, laptop or desktop All you need is internet access and you can have TV! Installs instantly and easily Just plug in the USB and start watching TV The Rabbit TV USB gives you access to over 2000 free internet TV stations and over 9000 radio stations! Just plug Rabbit TV in, and turn any computer into the most incredible entertainment system ever! Now you can watch thousands of internet cable TV shows on your computer for free, whenever you want! The Rabbit TV USB fits any PC, desktop or laptop and easily installs in seconds. As long as you have internet access, you can watch Rabbit TV stations on your computer! Watch as much internet TV as you want, anytime you want - there's no limit to how much you watch! Just plug in the Rabbit TV USB, select a country or state & simply click on what TV station or show you want to watch - it's that easy. Use Rabbit TV at home, at work, on campus, hotel rooms or at the airport. You'll never be bored again! Watching TV on your PC has never been easier!

    ^ Telebrands Rabbit Tv Usb Stick, Telebrands. Amazon. (revised Sep 2016)

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Seeing a lot of reviews on here but most don't really go in-depth, so I decided to do a more comprehensive review here.Rabbit TV is basically a guide to watching TV and movies online - basically they've organized video content from around the web so it's easier to find shows and movies. They don't provide any exclusive access to content. Most major network shows (ABC, NBC, History, MTV) are not available LIVE as they air, but instead are available on an on-demand basis.Pros: R..
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     This thing's a bit of a scam. What you're getting here is NOT a TV tuner. It doesn't give you "free TV channels" at all. What it gives you is a cheaply-made SUB flash drive with a bunch of links to streaming video services and networks already on the Internet. Many are not free. If you have any skill with a web search engine (Google, Bing, etc.) you could find each and every one of these streams yourself, without having the cheaply made piece of junk you se..
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