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OTC (OTC7211) Gauge and Hose Assembly

UPC 731413010170
REGISTERED: 11/04/17
UPDATED: 12/01/20
OTC (OTC7211) Gauge and Hose Assembly
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OTC (OTC7211) Gauge and Hose Assembly

  • OTC (OTC7211) Gauge and Hose Assembly available on February 23 2017 from Buy for 93.92
  • UPC bar code 731413010170 ξ1 registered February 23 2017
  • Product category is General

This gauge is designed to work with any of our fittings for testing fuel injection systems. It features a sturdy 3-1/2 dial that reads 0-100 psi. It also has a built in (100-150 psi) retard to prevent excess pressure damage. The assembly s disconnect fitting has a check valve to lessen chance of fuel spray. Includes 6-ft. bleed hose and 30 pressure hose. Bleed valve eliminates air from injection system and can be used to reduce pressure when disconnecting hoses. Bleed valve also allows gauge assembly to be used to check fuel pump volume.

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