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Belkin WaveRest Gel Mouse Pad, Black (F8E262-BLK)

  • Belkin WaveRest Gel Mouse Pad, Black (F8E262-BLK) available on September 19 2018 from Amazon for 8.30
  • Belkin F8e262blk Waverest Gel Mouse Pad - Black available on September 12 2018 from PCMall for 9.99
  • BELKIN WaveRest F8E262-BLK Gel Mouse Pad (Black) available on December 23 2015 from Newegg for 12.00
  • UPC bar code 722868234358 ξ2 registered November 12 2014
  • UPC bar code 722868234358 ξ3 registered June 02 2015
  • UPC bar code 722868234358 ξ4 registered December 23 2015
  • UPC bar code 722868234358 ξ1 registered September 18 2014
  • Product category is BELKIN WaveRest F8E262-BLK Gel Mouse Pad (Black) Electronic Mouse
  • Manufacturered by Belkin Components
  • F8E262-BLK
  • F8E262BLK
  • # 13047090
  • # N82E16817114113
  • # 794342
  • Product color is Black

  • Product weight is 0.25 lbs.
Ergonomic mouse pad with wrist rest offers added comfort and support Reduces wrist stress that can lead to repetitive motion disorders Durable polyurethane surface provides exceptional tracking Nonslip rubber base keeps mouse pad firmly in place Lightweight, durable design endures years of use The WaveRest Gel Mouse Pad from Belkin lets you input data more comfortably and provides a smooth tracking surface for your mouse. Our specially designed ergo support pad is perfect when youre typing for long periods or surfing the Internet. The patented GelFlex Comfort Zone conforms to your hands curves and helps reduce wrist stress that could lead to repetitive motion disorders. The Belkin WaveRest Gel Mouse Pad gives your wrists plenty of ergonomic support through a wave design that permits natural hand and wrist movements. The gel cushion creates contours that fit to the curves of your wrists and provides support as well. The surface lets your mouse slide smoothly and precisely along the pad, and the lightweight, durable design stands up to years of use.

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I don't know how I could live without this item. It is so comfortable. It is true, it does conform to the shape of your wrist, and it does relieve pain. Highly recommended.
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Blackstar Blackstar Blackstar Blackstar Blackstar

It is a mouse pad made by Belkin, which has a reputation of making reasonably priced and acceptable products. I have had it for a few days, some reviews say they couldn't live without it, some say it is too hard...this is my two cents:Comfort level: C - I see some reviews that say it is too hard, but I don't think so. It is gel and it needs to be a little hard to maintain it's shape. It does not feel like a pillow. If it did feel like a pillow, it would lose its shape and become flat where your wrist..
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Blackstar Blackstar Blackstar Blackstar Blackstar

I loved these mouse pads, have used them for years. I just bought a new one, my fourth, and found that Belkin has changed them. The quality is entirely different and cheap now. The weight is much lighter (the top corners don't even lay flat), the gel pad feels like a brick, and worst of all the surface is so reflective that my optical mouse does not track properly on it. As mouse pads go, these are pricey (but used to be worth it) and so I am very disappointed to see Belkin cut quality like this and rip off..
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