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Gran Turismo 5 - Signature Edition

UPC 711719112884
REGISTERED: 09/15/18
UPDATED: 09/19/18
The next installment of the award-winning Gran Turismo simulation racing franchise Gran Turismo 5 is designed for play exclusively to the PlayStation 3 system. Known for its signature beauty and precision this highly anticipated racer showcases new jaw-dropping cars real-life tracks and diverse racing styles. Gran Turismo 5 promises to deliver exciting advancements to the series and in the process deliver in the most comprehensive racing experience ever. True to its pedigree Gran Turismo 5 takes the GT series as well as the simulation racing genre as a whole to a whole new level. The game features over 1 000 realistically rendered cars. This is nearly 300 more than were included in GT4 for PlayStation 2 and literally several hundred more than what was available in Gran Turismo 5 Prologue the first GT game variation developed for PS3. This tremendous list includes standard categories of vehicles including stock cars tuned pre tuned vehicles and tunables but keeping with modern automotive technology GT5 also includes the latest hybrid and electric car models. Just like any car these can be raced but as with their real-life cousins players can also do things with these cars like monitor battery power as related to speed and other car usage. In addition GT 5 features over 20 courses more than 60 variations a new physics engine allowing for realistic damage a new in-cockpit view HD support and much more. Sculpted metal box finished with SLS AMG Obsidian Black paint. SLS AMG 1:43 model car Leather GT-branded wallet with competition entry card (see below) GT-branded USB key with a special GT5 trailer GT-branded key fob Coffee table book featuring the cars and locations of GT5 200-page Apex book with driving and tuning tips discussion of future technologies and more.

  • Gran Turismo 5 - Signature Edition available on September 19 2018 from Zavvi for 89.38
  • UPC bar code 711719112884 ξ1 registered September 19 2018
  • Product category is Automobile Car

    ^ Gran Turismo 5 - Signature Edition, Sony. Zavvi. (revised Sep 2018)

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