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UPC 709458102884
REGISTERED: 05/19/18
UPDATED: 02/26/21

GameGadget the “Go Anywhere - Play Everything” games console.Built alongside a revolutionary software service (GameGadgetGames), GameGadget offers Gamers, Game Developers and Game Publishers, unrivalled choice and flexibility in how they play, create and sell games. The GameGadget will run a version of the “Linux” operating system which makes it hugely accessible for developers, it will also support game up to 32-bit whilst being optimised to run at 16-bit for best performance. GameGadget has been created to allow Gamers to purchase legal and secure downloads of their favourite games through an iTunes-style application onto a single portable device.Each GameGadget is capable of playing over 100,000 classic titles across multiple platforms from the early years of gaming to more recent times. A GameGadget is also a powerful multimedia device capable of storage and playback of audio, video, e-books and photos. You can expand the internal 2GB memory of your GameGadget with additional SD Memory cards that work seamlessly with your GameGadget allowing you to carry thousands of games around in your pocket. All GameGadget’s come with a 12 month warranty, USB Charge/transfer cable and rechargeable battery.Features: Comes with a voucher to download 10 games from the catalogue (games TBC) Limited day-1 worldwide ship Play games/music & view photos SD Card slot/Headphone socket/TV Out & Micro USB All games will be available from gamegadgetgames – which is a service like the app store/I-tunes Plays hundreds of old archived games from various publishers – catalogue always growing GameGadget has been created to allow Gamers to purchase legal and secure downloads of their favourite games through an iTunes style application onto a single portable device Games range from £1.49 to £1.99 Will be 10-15 game bundles at £10 per pack

  • GameGadget available on February 02 2021 from Zavvi for 38.98
  • UPC bar code 709458102884 ξ1 registered February 02 2021
  • Product category is Software Game

    ^ GameGadget, Pqube. Zavvi. (revised Feb 2021)

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