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Musical Fidelity - V90-DAC

UPC 700580407458
REGISTERED: 11/21/17
UPDATED: 10/28/21
Musical Fidelity - V90-DAC

Musical Fidelity - V90-DAC

  • Musical Fidelity - V90-DAC available on July 19 2016 from Amazon for 299.00
  • UPC bar code 700580407458 ξ1 registered July 19 2016
  • Product category is Electronic
  • Manufacturered by MUSICAL FIDELITY
  • V90-DAC

  • Product color is Silver

  • Product weight is 1.32 lbs.
Coax, Toslink, and asynchronous USB inputs Low jitter of a nearly-vanishing 12 picoseconds, below .00025% distortion at 1kHz, a signal-to-noise ratio better than -117dB, and rule-flat frequency response THD ( noise): Frequency Response: 0, -0.1dB, 20Hz to 20 kHz Signal / Noise ratio: -117dB, 20Hz to 20 kHz Musical Fidelity V90-DAC 32bit/192k DAC No-Frills Design Keeps Costs Down with Strict Focus on High-End Sound, Maximum Performance A Perfect Match for Computers, Music Streamers, Set-Top Boxes, CD Players, and More A supremely affordable way to upgrade the performance of a wide array of music sources, Musical Fidelity's V90-DAC delivers high-end performance and the best bang for the buck in its class. Intentionally designed as a stripped-down component with no excess packaging, unnecessary frills, or glamorous functions, this $299 wonder is strictly focused on providing consistent, pure, unadulterated audiophile sound. Coax, Toslink, and asynchronous USB inputs make the V90-DAC a perfect complement for PC and Mac computers, music streamers, set-top boxes, CD players, digital radio, and more. Every part of the V90-DAC is tailored to extract the maximum performance from your components. There's no longer any reason to listen to music at subpar levels. "...The V90-DAC operates at an extremely high performance level relative to its cost." -Doug Schroeder, Dagogo, January 2014 Incredible Technical Specifications and 32-Bit DAC ChipĀ  The V90-DAC's heart beats via its 32-bit DAC circuit. Claiming a remarkably low jitter of a nearly-vanishing 12 picoseconds, below .00025% distortion at 1kHz, a signal-to-noise ratio better than -117dB, and rule-flat frequency response, the V90-DAC boasts reference-grade technical specs only usually found in much more expensive products. While world-class measurements were key goals, the V90-DAC is conceived to offer compatibility with a wide range of commonly used music sources. Its asynchronous USB connection offers a highly musical way to play back computer-based audio while its simple installation procedure means users will quickly enjoy their favorite music without distraction. Design Inspired By Excess and Expense of Other Components Musical Fidelity's engineering team closely examined the

    ^ Musical Fidelity - V90-DAC, Musical Fidelity. Amazon. (revised Jul 2016)

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I bought this dac in September 2013 and was the first to review it on Amazon(UK) and I still highly recommend it.My original review:It is very hard to fault this DAC, voices really shine through, treble is detailed and silky smooth. Bass is nice and tight so it does not muddle the mid range/voices. It has a non-fatiguing, neutral (not cold), pleasing sound at a bargain price without having any noticeable coloration and it gets to the heart of the music without making a fuss. I..
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