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Bravado Men's Doors Light T-Shirt, Grey, Large

UPC 671734121356
REGISTERED: 07/01/18
UPDATED: 06/05/20
Bravado Men's Doors Light T-Shirt, Grey, Large
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Bravado Men's Doors Light T-Shirt, Grey, Large

  • Bravado Men's Doors Light T-Shirt, Grey, Large available on December 01 2015 from Amazon for 12.50
  • UPC bar code 671734121356 ξ1 registered December 01 2015
  • Product category is Apparel
  • Manufacturered by Bravado
  • DOR1003

  • Product color is Grey

  • Product weight is 0.35 lbs.
The doors were a rock band that formed in los angeles, california in 1965. Throughout its existence, the group consisted of vocalist jim morrison, ray manzarek, john densmore, and robby krieger. Doors men's t-shirt on 100% cotton.

    ^ (2010). Bravado Men's Doors Light T-Shirt, Grey, Large, Bravado. Amazon. (revised Dec 2015)

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I've been a Doors fan for a number of years now, but this is the first shirt I've bought of them as I usually don't buy anything outside of the actual music of my favorite bands.I caught the shirt on Amazon recently; it had a nice price and that classic Doors' design(the image is similar to their first Doors album). I ordered the grey x-large t-shirt(it was the only available color for that size).When the shirts arrived(I ordered 2), I noticed that the color was cl..
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