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Matfer Bourgeat

UPC 670708112420
REGISTERED: 04/17/18
UPDATED: 03/07/21
Matfer Bourgeat
Master Chef Spatule Pelton Spatula

  • Matfer Bourgeat available on November 18 2014 from Amazon for $11.75
  • UPC bar code 670708112420 ξ1 registered November 18 2014
  • Product category is Home
  • Manufacturered by Matfer Bourgeat
  • 112420

  • Product color is Grey
  • Product size is 12"x3.5"x0.12"
  • Product weight is 1 lbs.
  • Heat resistant upto 430F degrees fahrenheit * Dishwasher Safe * Durable and can be sterilized * Easy to Clean This spatula is made to stand up to a high volume of usage and extra-high heat: it's an at-home version of the metal spatulas restaurant cooks use to flip burgers, sandwiches, and pancakes. Peek into the kitchen next time you're at your favorite diner--they'll be using a spatula shaped like this. Why? Expediency. You can slip this spatula under two burgers and lift and flip within seconds. Its long body gets under the food and balances it so there's no drooping and slipping off the sides. There's less sticking, too, thanks to the spatula's three long air vents. And don't worry if you leave it leaning against a hot pan--it won't melt. --Dana Van Nest This matte gray slotted spatula from Matfer is flexible so it can lift and turn delicate fish, omelets, and other sauteed foods without injuring them. Modeled after the traditional stainless steel fish spatula, with its full-length 4 1/2" slots for draining fat and angled front edge for better maneuvering, this is the "next generation" version, made from synthetic materials that won't damage our modern nonstick surfaces. The handle is grooved for a better grip and ends with a wide notch for hanging..

    ^ Matfer Bourgeat, Matfer Bourgeat. Amazon. (revised Nov 2014)

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I ordered this spatula based upon the positive reviews it received, coupled with my need for a non-stick safe utensil suitable for a smaller pan. What I got was a cheap plastic turner that is virtually indistinguishable from any number of other MUCH cheaper plastic turners carried by the discount stores. How America's Test Kitchen designated this a category winner is beyond me, though I'll give them the benefit of doubt and assume that when priced at $5 it was no worse than others in the comparison and w..
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I have had this product for many years now (between 5 and 10 years) and I love it. After I had used it for a few months, I got rid of all of my traditional shaped (rectangle head) spatula turners since I love the Matfer so much. It is comfortable in the hand and must have been ergonomically designed for turning. I am right-handed and due to the angle on this spatula, I assume that it would not be comfortable for lefties.I use this spatula to turn foods in a pan (flip eggs, roasted veggies, etc) and espec..
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'Cook's Illustrated':"While they may be called fish spatulas, these flexible, thin spatulas are equally adept at flipping chicken cutlets and steaks. We tested five popular brands--three metal and two nonstick--by flipping numerous batches of flaky haddock fillets (in large and small skillets) and found (once again) that price is not indicative of value.Priced around $7, the Matfer slotted Pelton fish spatula outperformed the Global, which cost eight times as much. The Matfer received raves for its comforta..
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