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Purr Pals Nintendo DS

UPC 650008500011
REGISTERED: 10/30/18
UPDATED: 07/08/20
Purr Pals - Nintendo DS
Rank: 62%
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Purr Pals - Nintendo DS

  • Purr Pals - Nintendo DS available on June 27 2014 from Amazon for 2.79
  • UPC bar code 650008500011 ξ2 registered February 19 2014
  • UPC bar code 650008500011 ξ1 registered July 04 2012
  • Product category is Pet Kitten
  • Manufacturered by Crave Entertainment

  • Product color is One Color

  • Product weight is 0.27 lbs.
Choose from 40 breeds of kittens, each with unique personalities Use proper care and training techniques to meet your kitten's needs and desires Modify your kitten's behavioral traits Customize your kitten with limitless choices Use voice commands your kitten will respond to Purr Pals lets you bring the fun and sweetness of cute little kitten with you everywhere! Use the game controls and DS touchscreen to raise, train and care for your kitten. Modify your kittens' behavior and teach them voice commands -- then win a set of mini-games with them. You'll have a purr-fect time! Purr Pals, a full-featured pet simulator for Nintendo DS that lets players adopt, care for, and raise adorable kitten playmates. Choose your favorite breed of kitten, give it a name, feed it and play with it, all through the easy-to-use Nintendo DS interface. Your kitten will even respond to your voice, and interact with the environment you provide. Earn an allowance to buy cute accessories and toys for your pet. Best of all, no litter box necessary! Train your kitten with toys and food Interact with your kitten within the environment you provide Compete in fun mini-games with you kitten

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    ^ (2007). Purr Pals - Nintendo DS, Crave Entertainment. Amazon. (revised Jun 2014)

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