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"DW Collectors 5.5""x14"" Aluminum Snare Drum [Order # 744790]"

UPC 647139181615
REGISTERED: 11/30/17
UPDATED: 04/18/21
"Drum ShowcaseThe Cascio Interstate Music Premier Showcase featuresour finest in-stock drums. Our trained technicians inspect and expertlyset up each instrument to make certain it is up to our high satisfactionlevels. These are special drums and need to be treated as the specialinstruments they are.Questions? Contact our Pro Drum Departmentexperts via Live Chat, at or800.462.2263. Or stop into the Cascio Interstate Music SuperStore at 138th and National, New Berlin, WI.DW Collectors 5.5""x14"" Aluminum Snare Drum Order # 744790Condition: NewRolled from heavy-gauge aluminum with an integrated reinforcement hoop,this is not the light weight aluminum snare from the past. This isbright, yet bottom heavy metal drum lacks a lot of the ping and metallicquality associated with brass and steel drums. Finished in a uniquewrinkle coating, the drum can be complimented in any of five availabledrum hardware color options and can be customized with die cast hoops ortube lugs, if so desired."

  • UPC bar code 647139181615 ξ1 registered September 13 2015
  • Product category is "DW Collectors 5.5""x14"" Aluminum Snare Drum Order, DRVA5514SVC, DW DRUM WORKSHOP, Drums & Percussion, Acoustic Drums, Snare Drums, Metal Snare Drums, Premier Showcase, Drum Showcase" Audio

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