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Eidon Magnesium Mineral Supplement, 2 Ounce

UPC 640923000246
REGISTERED: 02/26/18
UPDATED: 05/30/20
Eidon Magnesium Mineral Supplement, 2 Ounce

Eidon Magnesium Mineral Supplement, 2 Ounce

  • Eidon Magnesium Mineral Supplement, 2 Ounce available on August 05 2016 from Amazon for 12.76
  • UPC bar code 640923000246 ξ1 registered August 05 2016
  • Product category is Home Health
  • Manufacturered by Eidon
  • 328286

  • Product weight is 0.38 lbs.
Magnesium plays an essential role in over 300 enzyme reactions in the human body Regulates calcium transport and deposition into bone Necessary for tissue growth and development, immune system health and function, and the maintenance of normal intracellular calcium, potassium, and sodium levels Concentrated; dilute in juice or water Gentle on the stomach Founded in 1996, Eidon, Inc. is dedicated to quality and commitment towards educating the public about the true functions, requirements and benefits of minerals. Eidon provides its clients with a revolutionary, tasteless, highly absorbable line of liquid minerals.

    ^ (2013). Eidon Magnesium Mineral Supplement, 2 Ounce, Eidon. Amazon. (revised Aug 2016)

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in my opinion this is the best magnesium out there bc it is easily utilized by the body. I have chronic back issues where my back gets so tense and knotted I have a hard time functioning and it gets so painful I cry. not fun with two toddlers! if I take this it keeps my back in check and it doesn't get as bad as it did in the past. my back still gets bad but it is a much les crazy bad and it is easier to work out the kinks. I highly recommend!
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