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FIDO U2F Security Key

UPC 640864510156
REGISTERED: 07/21/18
UPDATED: 05/25/20
FIDO U2F Security Key

FIDO U2F Security Key

  • FIDO U2F Security Key available on September 10 2016 from Amazon for 9.98
  • UPC bar code 640864510156 ξ1 registered February 25 2016
  • Product category is Software
  • Manufacturered by Hypersecu Information Systems, Inc.
  • HyperFido K5

  • Product color is White

  • Product weight is 0.01 lbs.
FIDO U2F Security Key Authenticate to Google Gmail Supports Chrome browser on Windows, Mac and Linux About HyperFido The HyperFido U2F Security key enables seamless authentication to websites and browser based applications such as Google's GMail. The HyperFido is fully compliant with the FIDO Alliance U2F specification. About FIDO U2F How it works: User carries U2F device with built-in support in web browsers User presents U2F device Website can simplify password (e.g. - 4 digit pin) The user logs in with a username and password as before. The service can also prompt the user to present a second factor device at any time it chooses. The strong second factor allows the service to simplify its passwords (e.g. 4-digit PIN) without compromising security. During registration and authentication, the user presents the second factor by simply pressing a button on a USB device or tapping over NFC. The user can use their FIDO U2F device across all online services that support the protocol leveraging built-in support in web browsers. The FIDO protocols use standard public key cryptography techniques to provide stronger authentication. During registration with an online service, the user's client device creates a new key pair. It retains the private key and registers the public key with the online service. Authentication is done by the client device proving possession of the private key to the service by signing a challenge. The client's private keys can be used only after they are unlocked locally on the device by the user. The local unlock is accomplished by pressing the button on the HyperFido. About FIDO Alliance The FIDO Alliance Board of Directors includes leading global organizations such as Alibaba, ARM, Bank of America, Discover, Google, Lenovo, MasterCard Microsoft, PayPal and Visa Inc.

    ^ FIDO U2F Security Key, Hypersecu Information Systems, Inc.. Amazon. (revised Sep 2016)

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This HyperFIDO U2F key is small enough to keep in your pocket or purse at all times and never worry about it. It worked great after getting a fast reply from HyperSECU support about the linux udev rules needed (I don't use windows). I had it set up very quickly with Google services and it worked flawlessly. Hopefully, more services will support U2F in the future.If you are wondering, here are the udev rules their awesome support recommended. I created a file /etc/u..
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