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Neck Pouch Wallet - Pass Cards Cash ID Tickets Boarding Pass Cell Phones iPhone

UPC 640626583718
REGISTERED: 06/30/18
UPDATED: 05/27/20
Neck Pouch Wallet - Pass Cards Cash ID Tickets Boarding Pass Cell Phones iPhone
Rank: 27%
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Neck Pouch Wallet - Pass Cards Cash ID Tickets Boarding Pass Cell Phones iPhone

  • Neck Pouch Wallet - Pass Cards Cash ID Tickets Boarding Pass Cell Phones iPhone available on February 13 2015 from Amazon for 18.99
  • UPC bar code 640626583718 ξ1 registered November 06 2014
  • Product category is Electronic
  • Manufacturered by Terrific Choice

  • Product color is Black

Easily adjustable neck strap for varying the length of the Neck Pouch placements: on the neck, on the shoulder or combine the neck-shoulder. The maximum length of the band is about 48.8 inches (124 cm) and the shortest is double so short is about 24.4 inches (62 cm). The sliding end-buckle is very handy to easily adjust the length of the neck strap Christmas deal, Xmas tips, Holiday gift and present. Very lightweight under 1.76 oz (50 g) There are 6 compartments: 5 covered by the flap with the Velcro band: Compartment #1 - 5.9 x 4.13 inch (15 x 10.5 cm)*; Compartment #2 - 6.7 x 4.13 inch (17 x 10.5 cm)*; Compartment #3 - card pocket 2.76 x 4.13 inch (7 x 10.5 cm)* adapted for the metal RFID blocking Card Wallet / Holder as Amazon's RFID Defender; Compartment # 4 - 7.09 x 4.33 inch (18 x 11 cm)* top opened and side zippered that can be side open with the top closed by the flap or opened from side and top simultaneously; Compartment #5 - 7.68 x 4.92 inch (19.5x12.5 cm)* last big pocket and Compartment #6 - 3.74 x 2.95 inch (9.5x7.5 cm)*, placed on top and inside the flap, zippered (* all measures about given figure) The large compartment with top opening covered by the flap and also side opening with zipper makes it easier to handle the often usable valuables such as passports, cash, iPhone, Galaxy or another phone, or any appropriate electronic devices such as MP3 players, etc. The cables of the headphones or a handsfree come out under the flap without bends or deformations. The items inside can be handled without flap opening with a zipper - which opened to the bottom and closed at the top. It is even possible to get this compartment opened with both "side and top" simultaneously The ripstop soft and thin waterproof nylon of the Pouch body is resistible to wet but the air mesh back-piece of the belt promotes ventilation and delicate and airy toward your body. Ripstop is a fabric that due to reinforcing technique made resistant to ripping and tearing. A small hole not easily runs into a large rip. The Neck Pouch can be set to the washer with a cold water and gently cycle. Do not dry it in the dryer. The Neck Pouch can be hang to drip dry or lay it flat to dry. Do not iron the fabric The secret to keep your valuables safe & organized is keeping them in a well organized wallet at the place, which is always under your control The time you are out of the safe place with valuables - cash, credit cards, passport, tickets and go to the places like airport, stations, public events where a lot of people all around you, you risk losing your valuables because of- Pocket-pickers - accidentally drop something in tightness, stress, rush With this Neck Wallet, you can make you feel secure, as your valuables are organized and safe. You can keep hands are free and relax while taking off all stress about your valuables. Using this Neck Wallet gives you the benefits:- your valuables are placed in the very secure place - they are well organized due to 6 pockets - all pockets covered with the flap or zippered The features of this Neck Wallet:- 5 compartments covered by the flap with the Velcro band - one zippered pocket on the flap - one pocket is for the card-format valuables adapted for the metal card holders as RFID Defender - one big pocket has a side zipper for easier handle often usable valuables: passport, cash or iphone - easy adjustable neck strap to vary the length for placement on neck, on shoulder or combine neck-shoulder - rip stop soft waterproof nylon fabric - air mesh breathable back, which is airy towards the body Our goal is to have only satisfied customers, so if you have any reason to be unsatisfied with the purchased Neck Wallet, please contact us or send it back. And 100% amount will be refunded per our no hassle free money back guarantee for the whole one year since your purchase. Press now "Add to Cart" button and enjoy your new Neck Wallet. Congratulations with your Terrific Choice!

    ^ Neck Pouch Wallet - Pass Cards Cash ID Tickets Boarding Pass Cell Phones iPhone, Terrific Choice. Amazon. (revised Feb 2015)

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