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Joyo JF-39 Deluxe Crunch Guitar Effect Pedal

UPC 640522806171
REGISTERED: 06/30/18
UPDATED: 06/05/20
Joyo JF-39 Deluxe Crunch Guitar Effect Pedal
Rank: 30%
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Joyo JF-39 Deluxe Crunch Guitar Effect Pedal

  • Joyo JF-39 Deluxe Crunch Guitar Effect Pedal available on February 26 2015 from Amazon for 32.35
  • UPC bar code 640522806171 ξ1 registered February 19 2015
  • Product category is Audio
  • Manufacturered by YBAMZQ
  • JF-05

  • Product weight is 2 lbs.
Crunch high gain distortion Four controls (pre) allow unique harmonic blends True bypass wiring keeps signal pure when OFF The Joyo JF-39 pedal nails the crunch distortion sound, presenting the same effect as modern high-gain amps or vintage, hand-assembled tube monsters that fulfill the rocker deep inside you! JOYO Audio's JF-39 "Deluxe Crunch" has a traditional design with various features. With a red casing and 4 brilliant white knobs, the pedal offers more than just a a single "Tone" knob. Instead the JF-39 offers four independent tone controls (Volume, Distortion, Pre, and Tone) allowing you to obtain and shape various sounds including punk, metal and rock. The gain that can be achieved from this pedal sounds like a combination of Jimi Hendrix and Eddie Van Halen. At Mid gain (medium distortion) the pedal resonates an overdriven tube amplifier that still preserves clarity and when the pre knob is adjusted just right, you get the punk / ska / fusion tone that most distortion pedals do not have the ability to do! The pedal's main forte is metal, obviously! But the pre and tone adjustments present variability that puts this pedal in its own category, edgy hardrock or driven blues, this pedal does it all. With no effort at all you can obtain the classic rock edge you would expect from a boutique pedal costing hundreds more. JF-39 also has a more subtle and bright sound that can be dialed back to shape an iconic sound that no one else can replicate. In addition, the true bypass wiring of the pedal means your signal stays clean, which is especially important if you're running other effects. Check this thing out on YouTube and you'll hear the difference between this and much more expensive crunch pedals... trust me when I say it is a joy to play the Joyo JF-39.

    ^ Joyo JF-39 Deluxe Crunch Guitar Effect Pedal, Ybamzq. Amazon. (revised Feb 2015)

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