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Color Blindness Lens Blank Pair (6-base)

UPC 640522561865
REGISTERED: 06/19/18
UPDATED: 06/06/20
Color Blindness Lens Blank Pair (6-base)
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Color Blindness Lens Blank Pair (6-base)

  • Color Blindness Lens Blank Pair (6-base) available on September 13 2017 from Amazon for 54.00
  • UPC bar code 640522561865 ξ1 registered September 13 2017
  • Product category is Home
  • Manufacturered by 2AI
  • Oxy-Iso B8

Corrects red-green colorblindness. Based on fundamental discoveries by Caltech and Princeton scientists on the origins of color vision. UV protection. Take these uncut (6-base curvature) lenses to your local optometrist to have them cut for frames. (We also sell uncut 8-base, clip-on, and prescription-grade lenses.) Invented and patented by scientists from Princeton and Caltech, O2Amp eyewear corrects and dramatically enhances retinal color perception. -- What does that mean? Wearing these lenses means gaining a competitive edge in careers and activities where vibrant color vision is crucial to correct diagnosis. Our customers include surgeons, EMTs, pediatricians, pilots, artists, electricians, meat inspectors, vintners, chefs, decorators, sharpshooters, golfers, boaters, botanists, bikers, and even professional poker players. -- How strong is the effect? Even genetically colorblind customers love these lenses (see testimonials at o2amp dot com). For them it means passing the Ishihara test with confidence, and eliminating occupational barriers. Many even report actually experiencing red for the very first time in their lives (see video at o2amp dot com).

    ^ Color Blindness Lens Blank Pair (6-base), 2ai. Amazon. (revised Sep 2017)

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   After having bought the pre-fitted glasses, which are essentially goggles, and having my world transformed into colors I had never seen before, I decided to buy these blanks. As much as I enjoyed the goggles, they were a bit bulky to carry around. I had a difficult time finding a case to fit them that I could clip to a belt loop that wouldn't be inconvenient to carry and sit with. After taking the goggles on vacation -- and seeing incredible colors -- I..
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