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Sodium Persulfate / Dry Powder / 4 Ounces / 98% Pure / Copper Etchant

UPC 640052707184
REGISTERED: 11/16/18
UPDATED: 06/02/20
Sodium Persulfate / Dry Powder / 4 Ounces / 98% Pure / Copper Etchant

Sodium Persulfate / Dry Powder / 4 Ounces / 98% Pure / Copper Etchant

  • Sodium Persulfate / Dry Powder / 4 Ounces / 98% Pure / Copper Etchant available on May 24 2016 from Amazon for 4.99
  • UPC bar code 640052707184 ξ1 registered May 24 2016
  • Product category is Business Industrial
  • Manufacturered by Loudwolf Industrial & Scientific
  • LW-NA2S2O8-4/1

TOTAL WEIGHT OF PRODUCT: 4 Ounces NUMBER OF BOTTLE(S): 1 Plastic Bottle TEXTURE: Fine Powder GRADE: 98% Pure Reagent Grade CAS #: 7775-27-1 The Item for sale is 4 Ounces of Sodium Persulfate (Na2S2O8), also known as Sodium Peroxodisulfate. Sodium Persulfate is commonly used as an etchant for copper, iron, brass, and other metals. Unlike Ferric Chloride, Sodium Persulfate makes a colorless, clear solution allowing for easy monitoring of the etching process. Etching with Sodium Persulfate requires no heating baths and produces hardly any fumes. For other popular etchants, including Ferric Chloride and Ammonium Persulfate, check out our other listings. CAUTION: This product reacts strongly with metals. It is a strong oxidizer which - while not flammable itself - will oxidize other combustible materials. STURDY PLASTIC BOTTLE: Our bottles are made of durable Polypropylene Plastic, which is a natural, translucent, lightweight, durable, and chemically resistant copolymer. The screw-top is completely leakproof. The bottles' round shape makes them a perfect addition to any shelf or travel kit. Every bottle we ship is sealed in plastic with the screw-top shrink-wrapped. HUNDREDS OF USES INCLUDING: Metal Etching (Copper, Zinc, Nickel, Cadmium, and Iron) / Hair Bleaching Products / Metal "Pickling" Agent / Soil Conditioner / Starch Modifier / Chemical Reagent (Oxidizer) / Metal Cleaner (Sensitizer). SHIPS FAST FROM CALIFORNIA, USA: We ship three times a day, seven days a week. This item will be in the mail the same day you place your order. By itself, this item will ship in a padded bubble-mailer (2-5 day transit time). Combined orders exceeding 13 ounces will be upgraded to a flat-rate box (1-3 day transit time) at no additional charge. Please make sure your stated shipping address is correct, complete, and unambiguous. Applicable products are packaged and shipped in accordance with carrier regulations for ORM-D classification.

    ^ Sodium Persulfate / Dry Powder / 4 Ounces / 98% Pure / Copper Etchant, Loudwolf Industrial & Scientific. Amazon. (revised May 2016)

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