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Lube-N-Walk Treadmill Lubrication Kit

UPC 632256000543
REGISTERED: 04/18/20
UPDATED: 02/25/21
Lube-N-Walk Treadmill Lubrication Kit
Lube-N-Walk Treadmill Lubrication Kit

  • Lube-N-Walk Treadmill Lubrication Kit available on January 04 2015 from Amazon for $9.95
  • UPC bar code 632256000543 ξ1 registered January 04 2015
  • Product category is Apparel
  • Manufacturered by Lube-N-Walk
  • TL54

  • Easy to use * Removes dirt * Reduces costly repairs * Prolongs motor life * Prolongs belt life

    ^ (2007). Lube-N-Walk Treadmill Lubrication Kit, Lube-N-Walk. Amazon. (revised Jan 2015)

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I bought this after coming across recommendations for the product on several websites. The problem is that it comes in two versions: paraffin or silicone. My treadmill is older and requires paraffin lubrication. I thought I was ordering the paraffin version, but I am not sure what I received, since there is nothing on either the box or inside packaging indicating what the lubricant is. I checked the company (JAD products) website and they don't give any indication there either (different product numbers or ..
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Just soak sponge applicator with solution and wipe across board underneath belt. Keeps treadmill belt from sticking. Works as advertised.
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I ordered this item from Amazon which was delivered in 2 days! I was lost without using my treadmill, because I did not know that I had to lubricate it after a certain period of time. This item was easy to use, and a bottle was included instead of individual applications. It workedgreat and it was easy to handle. Now I know that I have to lubricate my treadmill every month or after 30 hours of usage.
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