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Blue Diamond Bold Almonds, Habanero BBQ, 1 lb

UPC 630013215582
REGISTERED: 02/25/18
UPDATED: 09/22/19
Blue Diamond Bold Almonds, Habanero BBQ, 1 lb

Blue Diamond Bold Almonds, Habanero BBQ, 1 lb

  • Blue Diamond Bold Almonds, Habanero BBQ, 1 lb available on August 27 2016 from Amazon for 14.60
  • UPC bar code 630013215582 ξ1 registered August 27 2016
  • Product category is Grocery
  • Manufacturered by Blue Diamond

  • Product weight is 0.0102 lbs.
Barbecue seasoning Contains habanero Zero trans fat Blue Diamond Almonds BOLD, Habanero BBQ Smart Snacking | 1lb Value Pack Intense Taste! Consistent Quality, Bold New Flavors, and Great Value! Blue Diamond Growers' naturally nutritious Habanero Wasabi BBQ almonds are roasted and seasoned with spicy BOLD flavors, so satisfying that you just can't put them down. Combining the spicy taste of habanero chile pepper with the smoky flavor of barbeque, these almonds pack a mouth-watering punch for your snacking enjoyment. And our convenient, resealable bag gives you the option to save some for later - if you can!

    ^ Blue Diamond Bold Almonds, Habanero BBQ, 1 lb, Blue Diamond. Amazon. (revised Aug 2016)

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I was looking at this size of package, but all the other sellers listed for this product had packages of 3 bags for a few bucks more. In my hurry for these awesome almonds I clicked on buy it now thinking I saved a few bucks for a 3 bag bundle. To my surprise there was only the 1 bag. Wasn't the seller's fault, they listed it properly, the fault was totally mine, however charging more than $17.00 for 1 bag is a total rip off. Just sayin...
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