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Max Keyboard Blackbird Tenkeyless (TKL) Blue Backlit Mechanical Keyboard (Blue Cherry MX)

UPC 609456362535
REGISTERED: 09/01/19
UPDATED: 03/04/21
Max Keyboard Blackbird Tenkeyless (TKL) Blue Backlit Mechanical Keyboard (Blue Cherry MX)
Rank: 43%
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Max Keyboard Blackbird Tenkeyless (TKL) Blue Backlit Mechanical Keyboard (Blue Cherry MX)

  • Max Keyboard Blackbird Tenkeyless (TKL) Blue Backlit Mechanical Keyboard (Blue Cherry MX) available on October 30 2014 from Amazon for 149.99
  • UPC bar code 609456362535 ξ1 registered October 30 2014
  • Product category is Electronic USB
  • Manufacturered by Max Keyboard
  • Blackbird E1B-US

  • Product color is Black

  • Product weight is 2.4 lbs.
Side Panel Ambient Lighting and Convenient High Speed USB 2.0 Ports. Soft ambient lighting that creates a wonderful effect in setting the mood and enrich the aesthetic sense of the atmosphere. Meanwhile onboard USB ports lets you conveniently transfer files and photos from your thumb / flash drive at 480 Mbps high speed data transfer rate and 100mA power current on each port. Ideal for small USB mobile devices such as mouse, trackball, trackpad or joystick. Braided Cables & Gold Plated Connectors. Heavy duty braided cable allows extra flexibility and keep wires from getting tangled. 18K gold-electroplated connectors to minimize latency and provide reliable connection that optimizes signal quality and delivers the best transmission and data transfer. Comfortable Memory Foam Wrist Support. Comfortable Wrist Rest provides maximum support to help relieve wrist discomfort and keeping your wrists in an ergonomic typing position. Rigid non-skid base keeps wrist rest firmly in place. German Made Industrial Grade CHERRY MX BLUE Mechanical Key Switch. Cherry MX mechanical switches are known for its tactile and audible click typing feel with exceptional durability and reliability. It operates with an actuation point of 2mm that only requires a pressure of 50g for the key to register a key stroke. Furthermore, the actuation point and release point of the switch are identical, which will facilitate speed, precision and more control in typing that will reduce finger fatigue and allow faster transition. Double Shot Injection Molded Key Caps. Max Keyboard Blackbird is one of the first backlit mechanical keyboard that has adopted a durable and advanced key cap molding process. Each key cap are filled with double shot injection that enriches the touch quality of matte texture. Yes, we are very pleased that each key cap were carefully created as individual molds and with the highest levels of detail, the finishing enables us to provide the richness in backlight color and best of all, keeping the characters intact on the key cap so it will never wear off. Designed in a way to provide you an experience with one of the highest quality key cap you have ever had. KEYBOARD INFORMATION . Tenkeyless (75% keyboard) design . Cherry MX mechanical key switches . 1000 Hz ultra polling rate . Individual backlit keys for enhanced visuals . Backlight memory . 4 level backlight (pulse mode on level 4) . 3 level backlight on side panel ambient lighting . Custom backlight mode (user defined) . LED sleep mode (user defined, up to 30 mins) . Timer notification mode (user defined, up to 120 mins) . Double shot injection molded key cap . N-key rollover (6 keys / full NKRO on USB) . Embedded multimedia keys . Built in 2 high-speed USB 2.0 hub (max 100mA each) . Heavy duty braided cable with routing management . Gold plated connectors . Tilt legs . Windows key disabled function . Memory foam wrist pad for extra wrist comfort . US 87 keys TECHNICAL INFORMATION . 2 downstream USB 2.0 hub (max 100mA each) . Individual Blue LED on each key switch . 50,000,000 actuation on key switch . 50g actuation force . Keyboard dimension: approx 14.75in x 6.5in x 1.25in . Keyboard weight: approx 2.4 lbs . Cable length: approx 6 foot SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS . Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP . Available USB port ELECTRICAL DATA Keyboard must be plugged into your USB host port that provide 500 mA (Milliamps) at 5 V (Volts). Each USB port on the keyboard will support up to 100 mA. PACKAGE CONTENTS . Blackbird mechanical keyboard . Wrist pad . User guide

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