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Scotch Duct Tape, White, 1.88-Inch by 60-Yard

EAN 5112788218005
REGISTERED: 04/22/18
UPDATED: 10/30/20
Scotch Duct Tape, White, 1.88-Inch by 60-Yard
Rank: 26%
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Scotch Duct Tape, White, 1.88-Inch by 60-Yard

  • Scotch Duct Tape, White, 1.88-Inch by 60-Yard available on April 13 2016 from Amazon for 6.87
  • EAN bar code 5112788218005 ξ1 registered April 13 2016
  • Product category is Art
  • Manufacturered by 3M
  • 1060-WHT

  • Product color is White

  • Product weight is 0.91 lbs.
The product is 2x60YD White Duct Tape Elegant design and Smooth finish The product is manufactured in China Recommended Applications: Color coding Color matching Decorating Temporary Repairs Scotch, Multi-Purpose Duct Tape is durable and applies smoothly and holds well on curved surfaces. Use for discrete repairs, crafts and decorating, and organizing or color coding

    ^ Scotch Duct Tape, White, 1.88-Inch by 60-Yard, 3m. Amazon. (revised Apr 2016)

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My girl friend has an old leather couch with several holes in it. We used this duct tap to "repair" some of the large holes about 4 months ago, and it is still holding strong. For some reason, every store we looked at to find brown duct tape had every color except brown(including bright green, tie dye, leopard print and hello kitty print). It was a couple of dollars more than I would have hoped for, but not outrageously high. Very happy with this product.
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     I craft with duct tape more than I actually use it for quick fixes so I go through a lot of it.The biggest reason I like this brand over others is that it's thinner and more flexible with a good amount of adhesion. The biggest con with this brand is that it doesn't come in enough colors for duct tape crafters.All the brands I've tried don't handle heat well, which means you shouldn't use duct tape on ducts. Pick another sealant method like mastic or a f..
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