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Blitzkrieg-Lightning War

EAN 5060247620978
REGISTERED: 06/28/18
UPDATED: 12/17/18
Blitzkrieg-Lightning War
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Euro Price - 12.15. RRP Euros - 13.79.

  • Blitzkrieg-Lightning War available on November 24 2018 from Zavvi for 13.27
  • EAN bar code 5060247620978 ξ1 registered November 24 2018
  • Product category is DVD Outdoor

The German Propaganda Kompanien (PK) captured the events of Hitler’s war on every front. Their footage was used to produce Die Deutsche Wochenschau a weekly cinema newsreel detailing the events of World War II on land sea and air. For the first time these unique primary source films have been collated edited and translated into English in order to produce a complete military history of the Third Reich drawn exclusively from German primary sources. This amazing range of films captures the events of World War II exactly as they were presented to contemporary cinema audiences while the actions on the battlefield were still unfolding. This volume features translated Wochenschau newsreels dating from October 1939 to April 1940 and records the military events of the phoney war in France as the Wehrmacht trained and prepared for the coming blitzkrieg campaigns. Also featured are the fall of Denmark and Norway which are described by the Nazi commentator as Blitz Zeig or “lightning victories”.

    ^ Blitzkrieg-Lightning War, Pen & Sword. Zavvi. (revised Nov 2018)

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