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Yamada: Way of the Samurai

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Euro Price - 9.65. RRP Euros - 34.49.

  • Yamada: Way of the Samurai available on December 02 2022 from Zavvi for 10.55
  • Yamada: Way of the Samurai available on November 22 2022 from TheHut for 10.55
  • EAN bar code 5060085366472 ξ1 registered December 02 2022
  • EAN bar code 5060085366472 ξ2 registered November 22 2022
  • Product category is Blu-ray Audio

Get ready for hard-hitting hi-impact fight action from the cinematic tradition that brought you Ong Bak and The Warrior King.Set in the ancient Kingdom of Ayothaya this incredible true story brings to life the adventures of Yamada Nagamasa a young Japanese Samurai warrior who gave up his homeland to protect the sovereignty of the Thai people. Betrayed and left for dead by treacherous Japanese forces he finds a new family in a remote village and masters the devastating fighting art of Muay Boran (Thai boxing).Fearless he ascends to the royal bodyguard of King Naresuan The Great but will soon face his greatest ever battle against the elite Japanese warriors he once regarded as brothers…Special Features: DTS HD MA Thai 51 Dolby Digital Thai 2.0 English Subtitles Audio Commentary by Bey Logan Masters of the Ring – Cine Asia Exclusive featurette Deleted Scenes Trailer Gallery

    ^ Yamada: Way of the Samurai, Showbox. Zavvi. (revised Dec 2022)
    ^ Yamada: Way of the Samurai, Showbox. TheHut. (revised Nov 2022)

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