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Kitchen Apron with Cooking Guide Print

EAN 5060043062088
REGISTERED: 12/02/17
UPDATED: 12/13/19
Rank: 24%
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SUCK UK Apron Cooking Guide

  • SUCK UK Apron Cooking Guide available on December 18 2015 from Amazon for 18.00
  • EAN bar code 5060043062088 ξ1 registered February 01 2015
  • Product category is Home Kitchen
  • Manufacturered by Suck UK

  • Product color is Cream

  • Product weight is 0.0002 lbs.
Apron is printed with cooking guidelines Guide includes: numeric conversions, cooking times, roasting times, freezing instructions, defrosting times, a cooking glossary and more Kitchen aid at your fingertips Made of 100% unbleached cotton Measures 34.25 x 34.5-inches Apron Cooking Guide - everything you need to cook up a storm in your kitchen!Protect yourself from kitchen splashes and messy hands whilst having tons of useful information literally at your fingertips.With this handy apron, you needn't get the cook books dirty and stained, just look down and you will see everything you need - numeric conversions, cooking times for vegetables, roasting times for birds, freezing instructions, defrosting times, a cooking glossary and even more!Practical in dozens of ways, this Apron Cooking Guide is a must have accessory for any kitchen and a wonderful gift for any recipe enthusiast!

    ^ SUCK UK Apron Cooking Guide, Suck Uk. Amazon. (revised Dec 2015)

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Shipping was on time and quick. The apron is HUGE, it can wrap around my whole body which gets uncomfortable. But it is a great gift though.
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