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Calcium Caseinate Instantised

EAN 5055534309704
REGISTERED: 01/17/18
UPDATED: 02/28/20
Calcium Caseinate Instantised
Euro Price - 62.79. RRP Euros - 59.33.

  • Calcium Caseinate Instantised available on February 25 2020 from TheHut for 68.68
  • EAN bar code 5055534309704 ξ1 registered February 25 2020
  • Product category is Sports Nutrition Grocery

High in protein and low in fat Calcium Caseinate is a valuable ingredient in diet formulations sports drinks nutritional supplements and protein bars. Made from fresh skimmed milk Calcium Caseinate is a spray-dried milk protein that is also low in sodium. It contains extremely high levels of aminoacids higher than both whey and soy isolate and could also help other proteins become more digestible by prolonging the time they spend in the intestinal tract. Calcium Caseinate is a great protein to supplement with right before bed or if you know you won't be eating a high protein meal during the day as the protein synthesis will be notably slower than most other proteins. The recommended dosage for this effect is at least 30 grams of Calcium Caseinate in a serving. This will yield a high percentage of protein. Calcium Caseinate can be used to reach daily protein requirements easily. If you are looking for a slowly digested protein (i.e. pre-bedtime) then we would recommend our Milk Protein Smooth as it is better tasting and designed to be used in nutritional drinks. Upon mixing you may notice that our Calcium Caseinate forms a cloudy but stable colloidal but mostly homogenised suspension. You may also observe a higher foam level than that frequently seen on other protein powders. This is nothing to worry about and merely represents the typical physical properties of this product. The flavour profile of this product may also differ from that of other protein powders with Calcium Caseinate having a thicker but grainier presence on the palate with a slightly flat flavour peak. The differences you may experience in flavour and viscosity will not however affect the nutritional profile of the product and its quality as a slow absorbing protein.

    ^ Calcium Caseinate Instantised, Myprotein. TheHut. (revised Feb 2020)

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