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EAN 5055159277457
REGISTERED: 07/16/18
UPDATED: 07/16/18
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Euro Price - 16.25. RRP Euros - 27.31.

  • Masjavlar available on June 30 2018 from Zavvi for 17.74
  • EAN bar code 5055159277457 ξ1 registered June 30 2018
  • Product category is DVD Automobile

An engaging debut from acclaimed theatre director Maria Blom Masjavlar won three Swedish Academy Awards triumphing in the Best Picture Best Screenplay and Best Leading Actress categories. Playfully taking its Swedish title (Dalecarlians) from the residents of the Dalarna province in Northern Sweden the film concerns Mia (Sofia Helin) the youngest of three sisters who moved away to Stockholm 15 years ago. With her father Calle (Willie Andreason) turning 70 Mia reluctantly returns to her hometown for the celebration. When it transpires that Calle is bequeathing her the idyllic family lakeside cabin tensions between Mia and her sisters Eivor and Gunilla soon surface. Establishing herself as one of the leading lights of contemporary Swedish cinema Blom creates an impressive set of characters all with unexpected depths and surprises and paints a provocative portrait of family and community. With the cast perfectly evoking a tangled web of tensions and repressed emotions Masjavlar melts even the coldest of hearts.

    ^ Masjavlar, Drakes Avenue. Zavvi. (revised Jun 2018)

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