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Desert Trail/Riders Of Destiny

EAN 5055142570343
REGISTERED: 04/13/18
UPDATED: 04/02/20
Desert Trail/Riders Of Destiny
Rank: 19%
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The Desert Trail:Wayne plays a rodeo star who is wrongly accused of armed robbery. He sets out to find the real culprits. Just after John Scott gets his rodeo prize money the Official is robbed and murdered by Pete. Pete then says he just saw John and his friend Kansas Charlie leaving the office. The two fugitives flee to another town where they assume new names. But Pete arrives to point them out and they find themselves in jail. Pete's reluctant accomplice knowing they are innocent gets them out and they head after Pete to try and get a confession.Riders Of Destiny:Wayne goes up against a local bad guy who controls the town's water supply.Kincaid controls the area's water supply and is about to force the ranchers into contracts at exorbitant rates. Government Agent Saunders has a plan that will open up the lost river and dry up Kincaid's supply. So he gets the ranchers to insist on a clause that Kincaid's land will revert to the public if he fails to deliver water.

  • Desert Trail/Riders Of Destiny available on March 10 2020 from Zavvi for 4.52
  • EAN bar code 5055142570343 ξ1 registered March 10 2020
  • Product category is Business Office

    ^ Desert Trail/Riders Of Destiny, Firefly. Zavvi. (revised Mar 2020)

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