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Euro Price - 10.65. RRP Euros - 24.83.

  • Grand Hotel - Steelbook Edition available on March 27 2020 from TheHut for 11.62
  • Grand Hotel: Steelbook (with UltraViolet) (Blu-ray) available on May 11 2017 from Base for 13.19
  • Grand Hotel UK Blu Ray Steelbook Edition Region Free available on August 21 2016 from Amazon for 9.98
  • EAN bar code 5051892124188 ξ1 registered March 27 2020
  • EAN bar code 5051892124188 ξ2 registered May 11 2017
  • EAN bar code 5051892124188 ξ3 registered August 21 2016
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People come. People go. Nothing ever happens one world-weary patron (Lewis Stone) of Berlin's finest hotel comments. Movie audiences knew better. They were witnessing the glorious comings goings and intersecting stories of a starry array billed as the greatest cast in stage or screen history! Ruined aristocrat John Barrymore. Terminally ill clerk Lionel Barrymore. Ruthless tycoon Wallace Beery. Scheming stenographer Joan Crawford. And disillusioned ballerina Greta Garbo. Teaming them was a masterstroke whose success fostered more star-packed extravaganzas. The radiant film captured the 1931-32 Best Picture Academy Award. What a grand showcase of the allure and style of classic movie-making! Special Features: Commentary by Jeffrey Vance and Mark A. Viera Behind the Story: Short Feature: Checking out: Grand Hotel Behind the Story: Short Feature: Hollywood Premiere of Metro Goldwyn Mayer’s Grand Hotel Behind the Story: Short Feature: Nothing ever happens Behind the Story: Short Feature: Just a word of warning Trailer: Grand Hotel (1932) Trailer: Week-End at The Waldorf (1945)

    ^ Grand Hotel - Steelbook Edition, Warner Home Video. TheHut. (revised Mar 2020)
    ^ Grand Hotel: Steelbook (with UltraViolet) (Blu-ray) Base. (revised May 2017)
    ^ Grand Hotel UK Blu Ray Steelbook Edition Region Free Amazon. (revised Aug 2016)

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Although the whole cast deserves accolades, it is the work of Lionel Barrymore that I find compelling. He plays Otto Kringelin, the regular working man who finds himself incurably ill. He decides to spend his last days in luxury at the beautiful Grand Hotel. He makes the acquaintance of a baron (his brother, John), acquires a girlfriend (Joan Crawford), and gets a chance to tell off his boss (Wallace Beery). He achieves the dream that many people have, but never realize. ..
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   The Best Picture of 1931-2 "Grand Hotel" deserved it's Oscar and deserves it's place in history as a forerunner of star-studded films to come. The cast alone is worth watching the film for. But the film stands on it's own as well and is smoothly done considering the intertwining stories of various people whose paths (and fates) cross in that posh Berlin establishment. Greta Garbo as a depressed ballerina is one reason to see this but there's John and Lion..
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   I have a particular affinity for films from the pre-code era, and "Grand Hotel" is by far my favorite of this genre. After numerous viewings, I began to understand this wonderful film as a portrayal of the tremendous struggle life must have been for Germans of the Weimar period, even for the entrepreneurial and aristocratic classes, especially in this critical year before power was handed over to Hitler. In this movie, everyone is broke except the mousy little cl..
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